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Surname Pullen - Meaning and Origin

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Pullen: What does the surname Pullen mean?

The surname Pullen is of Anglo-Saxon origin and is a patronymic name derived from the medieval given name "Pullein", which itself is a derivative of the Old English personal name "Pull" or "Pulle". These are from “pyle", a Saxon word for "Little boy" or "servant". The surname may also have derived from the Old French word "poulain" meaning a colt or young horse, given as a nickname to a frisky or high-spirited young man. In many cases, the name is locational, associated with the village of 'Pool' in the West Riding of Yorkshire. The name development includes variations such as Pullan, Pullein, Pulleyn, and Pullyan. Early occurrences of the surname show its initial concentration in Yorkshire and Durham in England. Like many surnames, over the centuries, it has become widespread and can now be found in different regions across the world.

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Pullen: Where does the name Pullen come from?

The surname Pullen is most commonly seen today in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is assumed that the name originated from the Anglo-Saxon language, specifically ‘pul’ meaning a small lake or pool. The modern form of the surname is thought to date back to the mid 14th century in the North West region of England, at around the same time as the vast majority of surnames in the British Isles were being formed.

Specifically, Pullen is primarily concentrated in the counties of Lancashire, Cheshire and Shropshire. The most densely populated county for Pullen is Lancashire, followed by Cheshire and then Shropshire.

In modern times, Pullen has experienced a resurgence, with over three thousand individuals sharing the name in the United Kingdom. This is reflected in the wider British population in newspaper and magazine articles, on television, films and television series.

It is also found in other countries, such as Canada and the US, although in considerably smaller numbers when compared to the United Kingdom. Whilst not as common as it once was in the UK, Pullen remains an uncommon yet distinctive name that is still recognisable today. Although only holding a fraction of the number it once had, the name lives on and can be found in numerous places around the globe.

Variations of the surname Pullen

The surname Pullen is of British origin, and is encountered mostly in the UK. It is a topographical name which is derived from an area that the original bearer of the name once owned. The variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin for the Pullen surname consist of Pullan, Pullein, Pullon, Pullan, Pulpan, Pulping, Pulling, Pullen, Pullin, and Pulling.

The name Pullen is thought to have arisen as an occupational name for a "keeper of a pub," or “puller of ale.” It is also thought to have been derived from the Anglo-Saxon personal name “Pulla.”

The spelling of the Pullen surname can also be found in various other forms, such as Poling, Puling, Pullin, Pollen, Puallen, Powling, Puling, and Pulling. These variations can also be seen in other surnames of similar origin, such as Pullin, Pullan, Pullein, Pullon, Pulpan, Pulping, and Pulling.

Another variation of the Pullen surname is the Irish variant 'Pulens'. This name was first found in the province of Ulster, in Northern Ireland, and is thought to have originated in County Londonderry. The Pulens were a family of note in Ireland since the 16th century, when they were living in County Derry and were recorded in the Townland of Ballywillan, Portstewart.

Apart from these surnames, Pullen can also be seen as Puller, Pullar, Puller, Pulleyn, Pulleyne, Pulliam, and Pollan. The surnames Pullin, Pullman, Pullin, and Poulson are thought to have derived from the Pullen surname in the US.

In conclusion, the variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin for the Pullen surname consist of Pullan, Pullein, Pullon, Pullan, Pulpan, Pulping, Pulling, Pullen, Pullin, Pulling, Pulens, Puller, Pullar, Puller, Pulleyn, Pulleyne, Pulliam, Pollan, Pullin, Pullman, Pullin, and Poulson.

Famous people with the name Pullen

  • Tyler Pullen: Professional skateboarder from California who has competed in X-Games medals.
  • Nate Pullen: Professional snowboarder who is a 3x Olympian.
  • Gwen Pullen: Former lace-maker and innovator of Nottingham lace.
  • Leslie Pullen: American Football player who played seven seasons for the Chicago Bears.
  • Fran Pullen: Award-winning fashion designer and founder of her namesake label.
  • Chris Pullen: British-born sculptor and ceramicist.
  • Richard Pullen: Astronomer and renowned British physicist.
  • Edward Pullen: English barrister and Leader of the English Bar association.
  • Rachel Pullen: British composer and organist.
  • Claire Pullen: British politician and first female Lord Mayor of Manchester.

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