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DNA Analysis at iGenEA: A Tantalising Journey Into the Roots of the Pullen Surname

Family name Pullen

Wanting to explore my familial roots, the DNA analysis at iGENEA served as an eye-opening trip back in time. By delving into my Pullen lineage's origin and history, my understanding was expanded beyond confines. The journey embarked upon after the results' revelation was intense, filled with tales of migration, power, and survival.

When I first decided to delve into the mysteries hidden within my DNA at iGENEA, I never anticipated the breadth of knowledge I would uncover about my familial roots and the history of my surname, Pullen. The journey was filled with revelations illuminating every stepping stone of my ancestors. The test served as a powerful tool to revisit my lineage, unearthing facts I wouldn't have known otherwise.

The process in itself was quite straightforward. I ordered the DNA test kit online, swabbed my inner cheek, and sent the sample back to the laboratory. Decoding the ancestral code took a few weeks, and the anticipation was overwhelming. The day I received the results was when I embarked on an enlightening journey back in time, discovering the historical footprints of the Pullen lineage.

The meticulous genetic analysis revealed that the surname Pullen originated in England during the mid-12th century. As I pored over the provided documentation, I learned that the name was first found in Yorkshire where my ancestors held a family seat as Lords of the Manor. The numerous presentations of the detailed history of my family name fascinated me, as I was being introduced to individuals from centuries before whom I share a thread of DNA with.

Undeniably, it was a riveting experience learning that some of the Pullens moved to Ireland, and others ventured across the globe to North America and Oceania during the Great Migration. This explained the dispersion of the Pullen lineage across the world, making me realize that I am a tiny but relevant part of a much larger historical canvas.

Most compellingly, the DNA analysis also traced the geographical and chronological spread of the Pullen name against the backdrop of significant global events. As someone with a keen interest in history, combing through these slices of time truly enriched my understanding of my genealogical heritage.

My expectations of getting my paternal lineage traced were not only exceeded but were blown apart once the richness of the information was fully comprehended. The DNA profiling at iGENEA truly significantly amplified my knowledge pool about the origin and history of the Pullen family name, redefining the identity inscribed within me.

C. Pullen

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