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Surname Pulley - Meaning and Origin

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Pulley: What does the surname Pulley mean?

The surname Pulley is of English origin and traces its roots to the Anglo-Saxon culture. The name is derived from the Old English "pole," meaning a pool or pond, and "leah," meaning a clearing or meadow. Therefore, it can be interpreted to mean "a clearing by the pool" or "meadow near the pond". It's typically a topographic surname for someone who lives near such a geographic feature. Like many other English surnames, Pulley could also have been derived from the name of a town or village. People in medieval times often took their surname from the name of their place of residence. However, it's also possible that the surname might have originally referred to someone who worked with pulling mechanisms or pulleys.

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Pulley: Where does the name Pulley come from?

The last name Pulley is most commonly found in the United States, particularly in the southwestern states. Pulley is an English-language surname derived from the Old English word “pullian,” which means to pull or draw. It is most prevalent in the states of Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, and Virginia, where it is the 837th most popular surname in the country. In comparison, Pulley ranks much lower in Canada, ranking as the 4,225th most popular last name.

In Texas, the highest concentration is in the towns of Austin and Amarillo. The largest number of Pulleys live in Florida, with over 2,000 individuals listed as part of the family name. Pulley is also found in large numbers in California, Ohio, Georgia, and North Carolina. The other southern states are also home to small clusters of Pulleys, along with the more northern states of Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Pulley is predominantly a Christian name, as many members of the family carry the name as handed down by their ancestors. Descendants of the British Isles have carried the name of Pulley to the United States, and their influence continues to be seen today. As a result, it remains a popular name in the southern states, and it is spreading to other parts of the country as people in these areas move away.

Variations of the surname Pulley

The surname Pulley is believed to have derived from the Old French name Pullai, also spelled as Pullay, Pullé, Pullée and Pullée. This name was likely derived from the Old French word pole, belonging to the same root as the English word “pull.” It is believed to have been migrated to England during the Norman Conquest of 1066.

Variant forms of the name Pulley include Pull, Pulle, Pullay, Pullé, and Pullée. The most common variant spelling is Pullay, which has been found primarily in England. Other variants are Pullé and Pullée, which were in common use in the 17th and 18th centuries. The Irish variant of this surname is Puillé, which is still in use today.

The Pulley family can also be found in Scotland, where the spelling was often Gaelicized to Mac-Phuillé or Macullay. This surname is found most commonly in the south of Scotland, as well as in the border regions. In Wales, the Pulley surname is spelled as Pulli and is of Welsh origin.

Additionally, this surname can be found in various other forms, including Pool, Pole, Poll, Poole, Pooley, Pulley, Pulla, Pullen, and others. These spellings are related to the U.S. immigrant form of the Pulley surname, which is believed to have been adopted due to the difficulty of spelling and pronouncing the original English or French versions.

Famous people with the name Pulley

  • Adam Pulley: football player with the Carolina Panthers
  • Graham Pulley: former professional tennis player
  • Will Pulley: professional basketball player
  • C.J. Pulley: former NFL linebacker
  • Bobby Pulley: former minor league baseball player
  • K.C. Pulley: professional rodeo rider
  • Melvin Pulley: former MLB outfielder
  • Ron Pulley: former MLB pitcher
  • Mary Pulley: former blues singer
  • Joe Pulley: former MMA fighter
  • John Pulley: former college basketball coach
  • Don Pulley: former professional wrestler
  • Terry Pulley: former NFL defensive back
  • Marc Pulley: former professional boxer
  • Scott Pulley: former NFL offensive lineman

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