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Surname Raab - Meaning and Origin

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A. Raab

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Raab: What does the surname Raab mean?

The last name Raab is of German origin and it is derived from the Middle High German word "rabe," which means "raven." It is believed to be a nickname or a professional name of a person who had dark hair, a dark complexion, or a secretive nature, similar to that of a raven. It could also possibly be a house name from a house that had a sign of a raven, which was common in the Middle Ages. Occasionally, it was also a name given to someone who had to do the unusual job of scaring away birds from fields. The name spread across Europe, particularly in regions that spoke Germanic languages or had significant Germanic influence. Similar last names to Raab can be found in different cultures with similar meanings.

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Raab: Where does the name Raab come from?

Raab is an infrequently used German and Jewish surname. It is most commonly found in Central and Eastern Europe, particularly in Germany, Poland, and Hungary. In Germany, Raab is most prevalent in the isolated rural communities located in lower Saxony. In Poland, Raab is most commonly associated with Silesian Jews from the Upper Silesian region. In Hungary, Raab is especially common in the southwest, around the city of Gyor.

In the United States, the Raab surname is most commonly found in strong Jewish and German-American immigrant communities, especially in states such as Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, California, and New Jersey. The majority of those with the Raab surname in America are of German origin, followed by Hungarian, Czech, and Polish Jews.

Raab is also a surname in other parts of the world, such as Latin America, specifically Brazil and Argentina. In both countries, Raab is a predominantly Jewish name derived from Ashkenazi and German-Jew backgrounds. In Argentina, it is more common in smaller cities, like Santiago del Estero, Catamarca, and Tucuman.

Overall, the Raab surname is most common in Germany, Poland, Hungary, the United States, Brazil, and Argentina.

Variations of the surname Raab

The surname Raab is of German, Jewish, and Swiss origin. It is a relatively uncommon surname, though it has many variations and spellings.

Common variations of the surname Raab include Rab, Raabe, Raub, Rabe, and Raubach. Additional variations of Raab include Raubach, Rubach, Raaben, Raubach, Rubach, Raben, Rubesch, Raupach, Raubacher, Rubisch, Raab, Raubacher, Raubacher, Rauber, Roba, and Raubig.

Raab can also be spelled differently in different countries and languages. For example, it may be spelled Rauf, Rauh, Rouf, Raaf, Rab, Raap, Rach, Raah, Raouch, Raahf, Rap, Rabf, Reb, Rad, Rabof, and Rabot in Germany, Austrian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, and French texts.

Jewish variations of the surname Raab include Rov, Rovin, Rav, Rivan, and Raviv. Other Jewish surnames that may be related to Raab include Roffe, Rovinsky, Rotstein, Ravinsky, Raim, and Ravitsky.

In Switzerland, Raupach is the most common alternative spelling to Raab, while in Austria, Rauh is the most frequented version of the surname.

The surname Raab is related to the words “rav” or “raph” which can refer to a rabbi or master teacher in Judaism. This links the surname to those who come from a line of rabbis, or those associated in some way with the job of a rabbi.

Famous people with the name Raab

  • Stephen Raab, an American actor and comedian best known for his work on television series such as In Living Color and Seinfeld.
  • Eric Raab, an American voice actor who appeared in films such as The Boondock Saints and Hanna-Barbera's Tom and Jerry.
  • Heide Raab, a German actress who has starred in television series such as Der letzte Bulle and Die Wache.
  • Joe Raab, an American musician, singer, and songwriter best known for his work with the bands American Music Club and The Walkabouts.
  • Mike Raab, a German film and television composer who has scored numerous films, including The Experiment and The Wave.
  • Chris Raab, an American stuntman, actor, and director of viral-video sketch comedy series such as The B.L.Z. Bees and Greasy Money.
  • David Raab, an American entrepreneur and founder/CEO of the marketing automation firm The Relevancy Group.
  • Thomas Raab, an Austrian writer and novelist whose works include A God of Small Things and The Weight of Stones.
  • Stefan Raab, a German entertainer, comedian, musician, and television host who has presented numerous TV shows such as Schlag den Raab and Bundesvision Song Contest.
  • Karl Raab, an Austrian scholar and professor of linguistics and German literature.

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