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Surname Raatikainen - Meaning and Origin

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Raatikainen: What does the surname Raatikainen mean?

RAATIKAINEN is a Finnish surname derived from the Finnish word 'rahat' meaning 'monetary'. The surname is thought to come from an occupation name in which the earliest known bearers of the name were involved in a form of trading, likely dealing with money or currency exchange.

The earliest known use of the name was in the 14th century with Anders called ‘Raatakynen’, a member of the known Finnish family. This spelling of the name changed to ‘Raatikainen’ over time and today the name is commonly found in Finland.

The word ‘raatikainen’ means ‘person dealing with money exchange’. This could have been in the form of a moneylender, a banker or someone simply trading money or currency. Over time, the bearers of the RAATIKAINEN name have become accustomed to business dealings and financial management, so it could be safe to say that you may find a lot of financial leaders within the RAATIKAINEN family.

Outside of Finland, the RAATIKAINEN name is uncommon, however descendants of the original RAATIKAINEN family can be found in locations such as Canada, Australia and the United States.

The name RAATIKAINEN is representative of the ancestors of the family’s long and proud history of business dealings and financial management. It is a symbol of their hard work and creativity, which is still passed on to the most recent generations of RAATIKAINEN's living today.

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Raatikainen: Where does the name Raatikainen come from?

RAATIKAINEN is a common surname today mainly in Finland and neighboring countries. The name itself is believed to originate from the Finnish words "Rata" and "Kainen" which are most likely derived from "Raata" meaning "road" and "Kainen" meaning "muddy".

This surname is most common in the region of Satakunta, located on the southwest coast of Finland. It is the fifth most popular surname in Finland and accounts for approximately 0.11% of the population. Other regions where the surname is especially common include Lapland, Ostrobothnia and Pirkanmaa.

RAATIKAINEN is also relatively common in Swedens Västerbotten County near the Finnish-Swedish border. It is the second most common surname in the province, accounting for 0.08% of the population.

The surname is also found in Estonia, where it is the 15th most common surname. It appears in Federal Russia and other former parts of the Soviet Union due to a mass emigration of Finns during the 1900s. Migration accounts for smaller populations of RAATIKAINENs in Sweden an Poland too.

Overall, RAATIKAINEN is most common today in Finland and neighboring countries, with the majority of the population stemming from the regions of Satakunta, Lapland, Ostrobothnia, Pirkanmaa, Västerbotten and Estonia.

Variations of the surname Raatikainen

Raatikainen is a Finnish surname derived from the name Raatikka which comes from the word Raata meaning 'to scrape or rub'.

Variations of the surname Raatikainen include Raatti, Raattama, Raatikka, Raatikki, Raetikka, Rajati, Rajatikainen, Roatti and Roetikka.

There are some variants of the surname in Finland which have a different meaninig and/or a different origin. For example, Rätö means 'ditch'. In other countries, there may be other variants of the name, such as Rutka, Raat and Ratkinen.

Raatikainen can also have different spellings, such as Raattikainen, Raattikka, Raatikkainen, Rathikainen, Rajatikainen, Ratkainen and Rätökainen.

In addition, there are several surnames with the same root but different spellings, such as Ratikka, Ratkko, Rutka, Raattama, Roetikka, Rajati and Raatikkainen.

As well as this, there are several surnames which are similar to Raatikainen but of a different origin, including Rahti (from Rahtikka meaning 'narrow strip of land'), Ratti (from Ratta meaning 'to paw or chop'), Ratkonen (from Rakona meaning 'ditch'), and Rajala (from Rajata meaning 'to level or guide').

Overall, Raatikainen is a Finnish surname with many variants, spellings and similar surnames.

Famous people with the name Raatikainen

  • Teemu Päiviö Raatikainen: a Finnish politician, who served as chairman of the Christian Democratic Party from 2006 to 2008.
  • Ville Raatikainen: a Finnish ice hockey defenceman who currently plays for SaiPa of the Liiga.
  • Juhamatti Aaltonen: a Finnish former professional ice hockey forward who played for several teams in Finland's SM-liiga and National League A. His surname is sometimes mistakenly written as "Raatikainen".
  • Niko Raatikainen: a Finnish professional ice hockey player. He is currently playing for Ässät Pori in the Finnish SM-liiga.
  • Olli Raatikainen: a former Finnish professional ice hockey forward who played for several teams in Finland's SM-liiga and the National Hockey League.
  • Valtteri Raatikainen: a professional ice hockey goaltender who currently plays for KooKoo of the Liiga.
  • Georg Raatikainen: a Finnish football manager. He is currently managing FC Lahti of the Veikkausliiga.
  • Tomi Raatikainen: an ex-Swedish professional ice hockey player and former head coach of Sapporo and fraudulent businessman who was sentenced to jail for fraud.

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