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Surname Rabal - Meaning and Origin

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Rabal: What does the surname Rabal mean?

The last name Rabal is of Spanish origin and is derived from a Jewish personal name meaning “God has multiplied”. It is believed to have originated from the eastern Andalusian region of Spain.

Rabal is a variation of the name Rabin, which can also be seen as Reubin, Ruben or Rubin. It is also found as Rabal or Raballo. The spelling variation is likely due to the dialect spoken in each geographic region.

Rabal is a common Spanish surname, particularly in the Basque region. Bearers of the Rabal surname are likely descended from Jewish families that migrated to Spain in the Early Middle Ages. Today, Rabal is utilized by people of both Christian and Jewish backgrounds.

Rabals are known for their resilience and strength. Being forced into exile and often facing adversity, members of this family have developed a strong sense of self and a keen ability to adapt to their ever-changing environment. They have a natural ability to thrive even during difficult times, making them welcoming and able to form strong bonds within their community.

The Rabal family are proud of their unique history and their perseverance in spite of adversity. Rabal individuals share a deep sense of commitment and loyalty to their family and community, values that continue to be passed down from generation to generation.

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Rabal: Where does the name Rabal come from?

The last name Rabal is most commonly found in the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. In Spanish-speaking countries, the surname has a heritage that dates back to the medieval period. It was first found in Navarra, a northern Spanish region, in the 12th century. Throughout the centuries, the Rabal family has spread across the world and is found in countries such as Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Panama.

In the United States, Rabal is most commonly found in Texas, California, and Florida. Generally, the surname is most closely associated to Mexico, as it is the highest populated of the countries that have a presence of this surname. Many Rabal family members trace their roots back to either Afro-Carribbean or Spanish origin.

In the United Kingdom, Rabal is most commonly found in London, where many Latin American immigrants from the Caribbean and elsewhere have settled. There is also a presence of the last name in Germany, France, and Italy, owing to the Rabal family’s European roots.

Overall, the presence of the Rabal name is highly concentrated in Spanish-speaking countries, but it is also found in other parts of the world such as the Americas, Europe, and the United Kingdom.

Variations of the surname Rabal

The surname Rabal has a variety of different spellings, variants, and surnames that share an origin. The most common spelling of the surname is Rabal, but variants include Robal, Raval, Rabel, Rabelo, Rabello, Rabello, Rabello, Ravallo, Ravalli, Rovall, Rovalle, Robalo, Rovalo, Roballo, Robali, and Roballo.

In Spanish, the surname can also appear as Raballo, Rabell, or Rabuzo. In Italian, the same surname can be spelled as Rabaglio, Ravaglio, or Ravagli.

In Portugal, the surname can be found as Ravalo, Rabal, Ravais, Raveau, or Rabello. In Galicia, variants of Rabal may include Rabelo, Rabolo, Rabolino, Rabanell, Rabedin, Rabales, or Rabeda.

The surname Rabal also has additional variants based on the Latin origin of the name with variants including Rabelius, Rabella, Rabellini, Rabellino, Rabellari, Ravalles, Ravalli, Ravalli, Ravallini, Rovallini, Rovalles, or Rovalli.

In Basque, Rabalt is the equivalent of Rabal, and in German, the surname is spelled as Rabelhofer.

The surname is also found amongst Sephardic Jews with variants that include Rao, Rebo, or Ravo, depending on the family. It is also common amongst families of Arab origin with spellings such as Rabel, Rabell, Ravalo, Rabalo, Rabah, or Rabaz.

Overall, the surname Rabal has a wealth of different variants depending on the country of origin.

Famous people with the name Rabal

  • Francisco Rabal: Spanish actor, director, and screenwriter.
  • Concha Rabal: Spanish actress.
  • Rafael Rabal: Cuban-born Cuban American pianist.
  • Agustín Rabal: Mexican sculptor.
  • José Rabal: Spanish journalist, writer and editor.
  • Teresa Rabal: Spanish actress.
  • Pilar Rabal: Spanish actress.
  • Francesc Rabal: Catalan Actor and Musical Performer.
  • Javier Rabal: Spanish actor and theatre director.
  • Arturo Rabal: Spanish actor and film producer.
  • Rosamunda Rabal: Spanish actress.
  • Pedro Rabal: Spanish film director and screenwriter.
  • Moisés Rabal: Spanish guitarist and composer.
  • Lia Rabal: Spanish theatre actress.
  • Mónica Rabal: Spanish actress.
  • Juana Rabal: Spanish actress.
  • Julián Rabal: Spanish actor and theatre director.

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