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Surname Rabago - Meaning and Origin

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Rabago: What does the surname Rabago mean?

The surname Rabago is of Spanish origin and belongs to the category of topographic surnames. It's derived from the Spanish word "rebajo", meaning a lower or decreased area. In the geographical aspect, it often refers to an indentation or a dip in the landscape. Thus, Rabago likely started as a way to identify someone who lived in or near a depression in the land or a valley. Surnames were often used in this way, to specify a person's location or specific geographic origin. However, it is essential to mention that, like many surnames, the exact meaning can vary based on regional dialects and historical usage.

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Rabago: Where does the name Rabago come from?

The last name Rabago is most commonly found in Spanish-speaking countries. It origins trace back to Spain where there are still many bearers of the name. The name Rabago is also common in countries that were once part of the Spanish Empire, such as Mexico and Puerto Rico.

In Latin America, locations such as Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Honduras also see plenty of Rabago families. Rabago families have emigrated to other countries as well, particularly the United States, where there are sizable populations of the name in California, Texas, and Florida.

Throughout its history, the Rabago name has become quite widespread, and today it can be found in almost any location with a Spanish-speaking population, whether it be in the heart of Spanish-speaking countries, or in other nations that have accepted Spanish-speaking immigrants and their families over time. The last name Rabago will continue to be passed down from generation to generation, uniting these families across many geographical locations.

Variations of the surname Rabago

The surname Rabago is an uncommon Spanish surname. Its variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin include Rabagó, Rabago, Rabagoo, Rabagós, Rabagui, Rabagiola, Rabagón, Rabagon, Rabagui, and Rabagús.

Rabagó is the most popular variant and spelling of the surname Rabago. It is a derivation of the Spanish verb "rabañar," which means "to snuggle or snuggle up." This variant has been most commonly found in Spain, particularly in the regions of Asturias, Cantabria, and the Basque Country.

Rabago is another spelling of the Rabago surname. This variant is found in countries with Spanish-speaking populations, such as Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Argentina.

Rabagoo is a less common variant of Rabago. It is found in the United States, although the exact number of individuals bearing this surname is uncertain.

Rabagós is a Spanish-language spelling of the Rabago surname. This variant is mainly found in Spain, particularly in the Basque Country.

Rabagui is a variation of the Rabago surname that is used primarily in Spain. This variant is widely used in the regions of Cantabria, Asturias, and the Basque Country.

Rabagiola is a rare variant of Rabago. It is mainly found in Spain, particularly in the regions of Asturias and Cantabria.

Rabagón is another variant of the Rabago surname. This variant is mainly used in the Basque Country, particularly in the regions of Vizcaya and Alava.

Rabagon is a variation of the Rabago surname. This variant is mainly found in the United States, although it is unknown how widespread the use of this surname is.

Rabagui is a variation of the Rabago surname. This variant is primarily used in Spain, particularly in the region of Asturias.

Rabagús is a Spanish-language alternative spelling of the Rabago surname. This variant is mainly used in Spain, particularly in the regions of Navarra and La Rioja.

Famous people with the name Rabago

  • Mercedes Rabago, Mexican pop star
  • Chano Rabago, footballer from Spain
  • Ximena Rabago, Mexican telenovela actress
  • Jacobo Rabago, Mexican soccer player
  • Antonio Rabago, Spanish Paralympic swimmer
  • Joaquín Miguel Rabago, Spanish judge
  • Luis Eduardo Rabago, Mexican boxing promoter
  • Octavio Rabago, Mexican politician
  • César Rabago, Mexican footballer
  • Marco Antonio Rabago, Mexican footballer
  • Gerardo Rabago, film director, screenwriter, and actor from Mexico
  • Erick Rabago, Mexican actor
  • David Rabago, Spanish footballer
  • Luis Rabago, Mexican director
  • Rodolfo Rabago, Mexican baseball player
  • Andres Rabago, Spanish opera singer
  • Alejandro Rabago, Mexican singer
  • Yuneisy Rabago, Cuban basketball player
  • Diego Rabago, Spanish basketball player
  • René Rabago, Mexican soccer player.

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