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Surname Rabel - Meaning and Origin

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Rabel: What does the surname Rabel mean?

The surname Rabel is of Germanic origin, derived from the Middle High German word "rabel" which means "raven". It was originally a nickname for a person who was thought to bear a resemblance, whether physical or behavioral, with a raven. The raven was considered a symbol of wisdom in the middle ages, and therefore the surname may suggest that the bearer's ancestors were intelligent or wise. Rabel may also be an occupational name for someone who made or played a "rebec", a type of medieval stringed instrument. As a surname, it can be found largely in Europe, predominantly in Germany, but also in other countries such as France and the United States.

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Rabel: Where does the name Rabel come from?

The last name Rabel is most commonly found in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria today. It is one of the more uncommon German surnames, though, with just over 250 individuals reported in the 2014 German National Census.

In the United States, the surname is mainly found in areas with large German immigrant populations, such as Wisconsin, Texas, and California. It is considered to be a very rare surname in the United States, with only about 1,000 people claimed to express the Rabel last name.

In England, the surname Rabel is almost unheard of, with only 13 reported citizens just recently claiming it as their family surname. The surname does not appear in any records of the 2001 UK census.

In France, evidence of the surname is even rarer, as it does not appear in the 2014 French National Census.

As of currently, it is estimated that the Rabel surname is present in less than 1% of the global population, making it an uncommon family name worldwide.

Variations of the surname Rabel

The surname Rabel is of Latin and German origin, with variants including Raebel, Rabeel and Rabelle.

The Latin root of the surname Rabel is "rappus," meaning twig or cane. During medieval times, the surname was applied to someone who worked or lived near a cane field, or had a profession involving the use of canes. As the surname made its way into Germany, it was also given to individuals who made canes and walking sticks, resulting in the German root of Rabel, which is "ranzel."

Variations of the surname Rabel include Raebel, Rabeel and Rabelle, with Rabeel and Rabelle being predominantly found among those with French or British heritage. Raebel is a mostly German variant, and may also be found among Dutch- and Low German-speaking populations.

Common spellings of the surname include Rabel, Raebel, Rabeel and Rabelle, though spelling variations can be seen depending upon the language and region of origin. For example, variations of the name in German may include Rabell, Rabeln or Rabehl. In French, variations of the name may include Rabel or Robelle.

The surname Rabel is relatively uncommon, but its variants — Raebel, Rabeel and Rabelle — may be encountered in countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, France and the United States.

Famous people with the name Rabel

  • Jean Rabel: French architect, Mikhail Rabel: Ukrainian film director and artist,
  • Konstantin Rabel: German conductor and composer,
  • Cornelius Rabel: German art historian and critic,
  • Donald Rabel: American professional wrestler,
  • Marie-Clair Rabel: French classical pianist,
  • Valentin Rabel: Romanian footballer,
  • José Rabel: Spanish politician,
  • Johann Christoph Rabel: German landscape painter,
  • Jörg Rabel: German footballer,
  • Diane Rabel: Canadian classical violinist.

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