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Surname Raber - Meaning and Origin

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I. Raber

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Raber: What does the surname Raber mean?

The last name Raber is an anglicized form of the German or Jewish surname Räuber, meaning "robber" or "thief" in the English language. Generally, this type of surname originated during the Middle Ages when people assumed specialization in certain trades or occupations.

The Raber surname is primarily concentrated in Germany and the United States, but can also be found in various other countries. In Germany, with the surname originating in the former Germanic states, the regions associated with the Raber family include Bavaria, Prussia, and Franconia. The first recorded mention of the name was Ulrich Raber in 1233 in the records of the city of Ablach.

Historically, the Raber surname is usually associated with occupations such as cloth merchants, weavers, leatherworkers, and shepherds. Additionally, the name is also associated with musicians and performers such as Gottlieb Raber, a traveling Uri musician from Switzerland during the 18th century.

Today, the last name Raber is found all over the world and in various cultures. The surname is often assumed to have a connection with thieves or robbers, yet the exact background is different when looking at different countries and regions. Most often this surname is associated with trade, occupational, and musical activities.

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Raber: Where does the name Raber come from?

The last name Raber is most commonly found in the United States and Canada. In the United States, Raber is most prevalent in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana.

In Canada, the name is most common in Ontario and Quebec.

Raber is a German surname, and may have been brought to the United States and Canada by settlers of German descent. The name is derived from the German word "Rab," which means "greenery."

In the United States, the population of individuals bearing the name Raber is 40,543 as of the 2020 census, making it the 11,266th most common surname in the United States.

In Canada, the population of those bearing the last name Raber is 6,003 as of the 2016 Census, making it the 4,320th most common surname.

The surname Raber is most common in Mennonite communities throughout North America. The religion and the culture are thought to have helped preserve the name, as Mennonites are particularly conscientious about tracking their genealogical backgrounds and researching their family's history.

Variations of the surname Raber

The surname Raber can be spelled many different ways depending on the language and region it is derived from. These include Raber, Raber, Rabb, Rabe, Rabea, Rabeau, Rabba, Rabban, Rabbe, Rabbed, and Rabboni. Different regional spellings include Rubb, Raebb, Rebb, and Raab.

In Germany the variations Rabau, Rabeau, Raabe, and Raab are most common for the Raber surname. In Belgium and the Netherlands, the surname Rab is particularly prevalent.

In the United States, many variant spellings of the surname can be found, including Raber, Raber, Rabe, Rabbe, Rabb, Raab, and Rebb. Additionally, there is also the related surnames Rabon, Rabonni, Rabone, and Rabben, which derived from the Germanic root word 'rappo'.

The Raber surname is widespread throughout the English speaking world. Common related surnames in the United Kingdom include Rabson, Rabbitt, Rabb, and Raabson.

In Australia, the common spelling is Raber, however other variations are quite common including Rabon, Rabb, Racon, and Raab.

The surname Raber is of Jewish origin, derived from the Hebrew word 'rav', which means 'rabbi'. The surname Rabb is also derived from this root word. This surname is especially common among Ashkenazi Jews.

There are numerous variants of the Raber surname, with regional spelling differences among various countries and regions. Nearly all of the variations of this surname trace their origins to either Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States, or Australia.

Famous people with the name Raber

  • Emme Raber: Canadian actress
  • Marlyn Raber: American Olympic athlete
  • Jethro Raber: American politician
  • Adam Raber: American composer
  • Paul Raber: Canadian stock car racing driver
  • Stephen Raber: Canadian football player
  • Christian Raber: American businessman
  • Troy Raber: American professional wrestler
  • Shirley Raber: American religious leader
  • Rubye Raber: American Dirk travel trainer
  • Donivan Raber: Canadian baseball player
  • Donald Raber: American author
  • Missy Raber: Canadian TV and film actress
  • Halley Raber: American musician
  • Jeff Raber: American actor
  • David Raber: American Olympian
  • Stanley Raber: Canadian politician
  • David Raber: Canadian ice hockey player
  • Gordon Raber: Canadian professional golfer
  • Jerry Raber: American missionary
  • Jazmin Raber: Canadian synchronized swimmer
  • Dorothy Raber: American author
  • Mark Raber: American composer and musician

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