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Surname Salas - Meaning and Origin

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From Salas to Self: Understanding Identity Through iGENEA

The results of my iGENEA DNA test have been transformative, shaping my view of my surname – Salas, and transforming my understanding of my family history. Discovering my deep-rooted Spanish lineage and surprising Sephardic ancestry, has redefined my cultural and personal identity, while unifying me with a broader narrative of resilience, globalism, and adaptation.

M. Salas

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Salas: What does the surname Salas mean?

The surname Salas originates from Spain and Portugal. The name is derived from the Spanish or Portuguese word 'sala' meaning 'hall'. It is a habitational or topographic name, generally given to families who lived in or near a hall or large room in a manor house or castle during the Middle Ages. The name frequently indicated servants or serfs who worked in such a place. It could also be of a locational origin, indicating someone from one of the several places named Salas in Spain and Italy. The name is widespread throughout Spain and is especially common in the region of Asturias. In addition to Spain and Portugal, the surname has variations and is also prevalent in Latin American countries.

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Salas: Where does the name Salas come from?

The last name Salas is most common in Spanish-speaking countries, including Mexico, Colombia, and Guatemala. According to family name databases, it is also prevalent in the United States (specifically California, Texas, and New Mexico), Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic.

In Mexico, the name is most common throughout the northern and central regions of the country. The states of Sinaloa, Durango, Coahuila, Chihuahua, Nuevo Leon, and San Luis Potosi can be considered top-tier states for Salas' occurrences.

In Colombia, the majority of Salas-bearers live in the south and western regions of the country. The states of Valle del Cauca, Caldas, Caqueter, and Risaralda are home to the highest populations with the name.

In Guatemala, the word Salas is found mainly in the departments of San Marcus and the capital, Tikal.

In the United States, where almost 100,000 people with the last name currently live, it is most common in California, Texas and New Mexico. It is also quite prominent in Nevada, Illinois, and New York.

In Puerto Rico, Salas is a common family name throughout the island and in the Dominican Republic it can be found mainly in the provinces of Santiago, Santo Domingo, and La Vega.

Overall, Salas is a widely distributed surname, and it bears testament to the spread of Spanish and Latin American culture.

Variations of the surname Salas

Salas is a surname of Spanish origin, with many variant spellings and forms. The original Galician spelling was 'Salas'. This form has remained the same over the centuries, although some other forms have been adopted as variations.

The Spanish forms 'Salazar', 'Salcedo', 'Salvador', 'Salvatierra' and 'Solsona' are all derived from 'Salas'. The French spelling is 'Sallez', while the Italian form is 'Saletti'. Other variants include 'Zalas', 'Zalasz', 'Salat', 'Salaiz', 'Salí', 'Salvaterra', 'Salus', 'Salles', 'Salle' and 'Sola'.

The variants of the surnames can also reflect the regional or linguistic variations of the original Galician spelling. In Eastern Europe, some forms of Salas are 'Salaš', 'Salish', 'Solakh', 'Salça' and 'Zelas'. In Southern Europe, the 'Sala', 'Salle' and 'Sallez' variants may be encountered.

The Dutch spelling is 'Zalas', while in Portuguese it is 'Salas', 'Salaz' or 'Salez'. One of the most common Greek variants is 'Salas'. In Latin and Spanish-influenced regions, 'Salas' is a popular spelling, as is 'Salasz' in Polish.

No matter how a surname is spelled, its origin remains the same: 'Salas' is a testament to the Spanish and Galician heritage of those who share the name.

Famous people with the name Salas

  • Mauricio Salas: Mexican footballer
  • Gabriel Salas: Spanish actor
  • Fernando Gaviria Salas: Colombian cyclist
  • Angelica Salas: immigrant and human rights ambassador
  • Jack Salas: American musician
  • Leonel Salas: Venezuelan director
  • Mario Salas: Chilean politician
  • Maria Salas: Argentinian environmentalist
  • Kenia Salas: Dominican Republic model and beauty pageant titlist
  • Mariel Salas: Chilean actress, director and executive producer

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