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Surname Salamian - Meaning and Origin

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Salamian: What does the surname Salamian mean?

The surname Salamian appears to be of Persian origins. However, the exact meaning of the name is unclear as it doesn't seem to directly translate into a specific word or phrase in Persian/Farsi. It could possibly be derived from "Salam," an Arabic word that is often used in Persian language, meaning "peace." It's also plausible that it may be connected to a geographical location or a profession as is common with many surnames. Like many last names, the precise meaning and history could best be understood through specific familial history or genealogy research. It's always advisable to look into one's specific family history to find an accurate origin and meaning, because variations in spelling or regional differences can greatly affect the interpretation of a surname.

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Salamian: Where does the name Salamian come from?

The last name Salamian is not particularly common today. It is most prominently found near the Iranian city of Isfahan, which was once part of the former Persian Empire. Many descendants of the ancient and noble family of Salamians live in various parts of Iran, including Tehran, Shiraz, Mashhad, and Esfahan. Today the name can also be found in small numbers in other parts of the Middle East, including some parts of Afghanistan and Turkey.

Outside these regions it is a relatively rare last name. However, recent migration means it can now be found in small pockets in countries such as Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Generally speaking, people of this last name are often still close to their religious roots, and remain deeply proud of their shared history.

The origin of the last name Salamian is shrouded in mystery, however, many claim a connection to an ancient Persian warrior, thought to have been a descendant of the legendary Persian prince Perseus. Scholars believe that the last name was originally given in honour of the warrior's strength and bravery in battle.

Variations of the surname Salamian

The surname Salamian is of Armenian origin. It is an ancient Armenian name that is derived from the Armenian salam meaning peace and kindness. It is also believed to be derived from the Latin word salutare which means to greet or to welcome.

The variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for Salamian are as follows:


























The variants, spellings and surnames that share the same origin as Salamian may also be further modified via the addition of suffixes. These suffixes may indicate a particular region, profession or familial ties. For example, one might find surnames such as Salamianyan (meaning "son of Salamian"), Salamianoff (of Slavic origin, indicating occupation), Salemanshian (the root of which translates as "from Sanjak province"), or Salemannian (the root of which translates as "from mannanian town").

The surnames Salamian and Salemannian are derived from the same origin. As such, they persist in Armenian culture as closely-related surnames, representing an adherence to Armenian origins and culture.

Famous people with the name Salamian

  • Sarkis Salamian: Canadian jazz musician and composer from Montréal, Canada.
  • Elizabeth Salamian: British art historian, author and former Director of the Uffizi in Florence, Italy.
  • Sevak Salamian: Armenian composer of classical music, ballets and operas.
  • Yahya Salamian: Iranian singer and composer, known fpor his work in traditional Persian music.
  • Vahid Salamian: Iranian pop singer and songwriter.
  • Natey Salamian: Iranian dancer, choreographer and acrobat.
  • Ruzigar Salamian: Iranian TV journalist and documentary producer at Voice of America Persian TV.
  • Tuğçe Salamian: Turkish actress best known for her starring role in the TV series Şahin Tepesi.
  • Mamikon Hovsepyan: Armenian musician and one of the founders of the group Syrkh Salamian.
  • Serek Salamian: Armenian folk singer, musician and writer.
  • Talin Salamian: Armenian-American actress, dancer, choreographer, director and producer.
  • David Salamian: Armenian-American film producer, director and cinematographer.
  • Samsam Salamian: Iranian-American artist, filmmaker and contemporary art curator.
  • Dariush Salamian: Iranian folk singer, musician and composer.
  • Ghevond Salamean: Armenian writer and member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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