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Surname Sabo - Meaning and Origin

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Z. Sabo

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Sabo: What does the surname Sabo mean?

Sabo is a surname with several different origins and meanings. It is thought to be of French, German, or Czech origin, possibly meaning “heavenly” or “godlike." In Slovakia and the Czech Republic, it is likely related to the archaic Sabolc, meaning "Son of God", while in Germany, it is thought to be derived from Bavarian Säbling, meaning "a young sapling," or from the biblical Shobal, meaning "valley dweller."

In French, Sabo likely derives from the Old Germanic word that means "to bring comfort to others." In Serbia, Sabo is a common nickname for Sabina, derived from the Latin Sabinus or Sabina; meaning "belonging to Sabine" or "from Sabina."

In Germany, the Sabo surname can also be traced back to an old word for the jester or court jester of a medieval castle, possibly influenced by the Latin word sapio, which means "I taste," or by the Hebrew word for jester, Saba.

No matter which origin you trace the Sabo surname to, it has a deep and ancient history that reflects the cultures of the various countries in which it is found. It is a reminder that although we come from different backgrounds, we all have the same underlying connection to each other and to our past.

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Sabo: Where does the name Sabo come from?

The surname Sabo is of Slavic descent and it is most commonly found in parts of Eastern Europe such as Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, and Serbia today. It is also common among Slovaks in North America and their descendants.

The surname Sabo is thought to come from the Slavic word ‘sabota’, which means jester or buffoon so the name is probably taken from a professional jester or entertainer. It is very likely that the family had once been part of a noble house in the region, since the surname is so common among noble families in the area. The surname is quite rare in other parts of Europe, though it is slowly beginning to spread to other countries as well.

In North America, particularly in areas with large Slovak populations such as Pennsylvania, the surname Sabo is quite common, and is usually held by those of Slovak or Slovak-American descent. In the United States, many of these individuals trace their heritage back to industrial worker families who migrated to the US from Czechoslovakia, Ukraine, and Poland around the early 20th century.

In today’s modern world, the surname Sabo is held by individuals who are passionate about music, art, and film, and many of them work in creative fields such as photography, writing, and design. It is also a humorous family name, so many of them have a great sense of humor and enjoy spending time with friends.

Variations of the surname Sabo

The surname Sabo has multiple variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. Many of these are related to the location where the Sabo ancestors lived.

In Slovenia and Croatia, Sabo is the Croatian variant of the name which is Sabolović. Gardasek and Gardsak are also similar Croatian surnames derived from Sabo.

In Poland, the name is Szabo, from the original Polish word szaba. Zabovsky or Zabovski are also derived from the Polish Szabo.

In Hungary, the name is Szabó which is derived from the original Hungarian szabó. In Ukraine, Sak is the related variant of the name, which originally was believed to have been derived from the Slovak word sak, meaning “bag”.

In Slovakia, Sabo is also the Slovak form of the surname which is derived from the Slovak word sabo or sábo. The German variant of this name is Sabba.

In Austria, Schabo is the Austrian variant of Sabo.

In Romania, the surname is Savo, which is derived from the Romanian word savoare.

In Serbia, the variant is Saboš, which is derived from the Serbian word saboš.

Lastly, Sabovic is also a Serbian variant of Sabo, which is derived from the Serbian words sabo and vuk.

Famous people with the name Sabo

  • Angus Sabo (American Musician, Producer and Mixer)
  • John Sabo (English football player and coach)
  • Marc Sabo (American Musician, Singer and Songwriter, and former ZZ Top member)
  • Dr. Scott Sabo (American Sport Psychology Professor, and Co-Founder of Conquer Performance Consulting)
  • Joe Sabo (American Martial Arts and Combat Sports Coach and Instructor)
  • Attila Sabo (Retired Hungarian Water Polo Player)
  • Thomas Sabo (German Jewellery Designer)
  • Michelle Sabo (American Professional Wrestler and MMA Fighter)
  • Jackie Sabo (Professional Sumo Wrestler)
  • David Sabo (American Musician, Songwriter and Co-Founder of the band Skid Row)

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