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Surname Schafberg - Meaning and Origin

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Schafberg: What does the surname Schafberg mean?

The last name Schafberg is a German surname, derived from the words "schaf" and "berg". The word "schaf" means "sheep" while "berg" means "hill" or "mountain". The name is likely derived from a family who lived near a hill that had sheep grazing its slopes. In some cases, the name may also come from a place name that is derived from a hill where sheep grazed.

The name Schafberg can be found in various records dating back to the early 1700s, indicating that it was a rather common name in Germany during that time period. Many of the earliest known bearers of this last name were recorded in the town of Magstadt, located in the southwestern part of Germany.

Over time, the last name spread to other regions across Germany, as well as other parts of Europe, such as Austria, Poland, and the Netherlands. During the 19th century, various members of the Schafberg family can be found in the United States and Canada, largely as a result of German immigration.

Today, the last name Schafberg is still relatively common, although it is less widespread than it was in its homeland of Germany. It is primarily associated with people of German descent, though many bearers of the name have ancestors from other countries, as well as various mixed ethnic backgrounds.

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Schafberg: Where does the name Schafberg come from?

The last name Schafberg is a fairly rare surname in modern times, but it is still found throughout a variety of different countries. In Germany, Schafberg is primarily found in the states of Bavaria, Lower Saxony, Hesse, Baden-Wurttemberg, and Rhineland-Palatinate. In the United States, Schafberg is most common in the Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey region, though it is not especially prevalent in the states. In Canada, Schafberg is found mostly in the province of Ontario. In the United Kingdom, Schafberg is located most often in Scotland, with a fairly even split between England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Additionally, Schafberg can be found throughout several other countries, including Austria, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, and Croatia.

Overall, Schafberg is not overly common today, but it still exists in many different parts of the world. Most of the locations where it is found have a fairly small population of people who share the last name, indicative of the fact that it is not among the most popular surnames. Despite its relative rarity, those who do have the last name Schafberg can use genealogical research to try to trace their family lineage and learn more about their ancestors.

Variations of the surname Schafberg

The surname Schafberg is of German, Swiss, and Austrian origins. It is derived from the German word "Schaf" meaning "sheep" and "Berg" meaning "mountain, hill, or rocks". Variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin include:










Scaff Benger



In the United States, it is usually spelled Schafberg or Schaffberg. Other ways the name is seen in the U.S. include Shafberg, Shaffberg, Shaffburg, Schofberg, Schoffberg, and Shoffberg. In Germany the surname is mostly spelled Schafberg or Schaffberg. In Austria the variant Schaffenburg is very common. In Switzerland, the spelling Schaffberger is most popular.

The history and origin of the Schafberg surname comes from the Middle Ages, from a region called Bavaria, located in the southern part of Germany. People with the surname Schafberg and its variants lived in this area and spread out from there, eventually migrating to the U.S., Austria, and Switzerland.

The coats of arms of people with the Schafberg surname is described as a red shield with a gold sheep on it, representing the meaning of the word Schaf, or sheep. The crest of the Schafberg coat of arms shows a lion’s head with three fleur-de-lys on either side. This crest is said to represent strength and courage.

The motto associated with the Schafberg family is “certus amor” or “certain love”. This probably shows the strong family bonds that have been passed on over the centuries between the members of the Schafberg family.

Famous people with the name Schafberg

  • Max Schafberg: an Austrian actor, television entertainment host, author, and producer,
  • Jay Schafberg: an American composer and theater performer,
  • Jan Schafberg: an American documentary filmmaker and producer,
  • Kay Schafberg: a German piano player and composer,
  • Nik Structure Schafberg: a German electronic music artist,
  • Julian Schafberg: an American painter, sculptor, photographer and author,
  • Karl Schafberg: a Swiss illustrator and painter,
  • Brigitte Schafberg: an Austrian-American choreographer and dancer,
  • Christopher Schafberg: an American actor,
  • Hans Schafberg: a Swiss professional skier,
  • Heinz Schafberg: a German sculptor,
  • Werner Schafberg: a German conductor and composer,
  • Efim Schafberg: a Polish singer and voice actor,
  • Paolo Schafberg: an Italian opera and concert singer,
  • Leo Schafberg: a French composer,
  • Steve Schafberg: an American photographer and author,
  • Kim Schafberg: an American artist,
  • Russell Schafberg: an American film and television editor.

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