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Surname Schafberger - Meaning and Origin

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Schafberger: What does the surname Schafberger mean?

The last name Schafberger is an occupational surname, derived from the German word ‘Schaffer’ (shepherd). As a surname it likely carries a similar meaning: the person who is guided and herded by a shepherd. The name Schafberger, however, can be seen to mean more than simply a shepherd. It may also embody traits or feelings associated with such a role. For example, the word ‘Schaffer’ has an underlying connotation of protection and guidance.

The shepherd, as a cultural figure, has been used to represent security and safety. This value is likely reflected in the name Schafberger; someone who is reliable and protective, patient and wise, offering guidance and care. The shepherd is also used to signify a higher power, as a source of strength and guidance from above. The name Schafberger, therefore, may suggest a spiritual source of strength and guidance.

The name Schafberger may also connote responsibility and sensitivity. The shepherd is a caretaker, providing for those around it. As such, the name Schafberger can be seen to reflect a sense of responsibility and empathy, and a willingness to care for those within its charge.

Ultimately, the last name Schafberger can be seen to represent a strong sense of tradition, protection, reliability and responsibility. It carries with it a feeling of strength, compassion and faith, embodying those qualities which make a strong shepherd, and a wise leader.

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Schafberger: Where does the name Schafberger come from?

The last name Schafberger is of German origin. It is most commonly found in Germany today. It is particularly prevalent in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, two states in the south of Germany. The highest concentrations of Schafbergers are found in the cities of Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, and Berlin. In addition, Schafberger is found in Austria as well as the Czech Republic, Hungary, and other German speaking countries. It is also quite common in the United States.

In the United States, the most common places to find Schafbergers are in Pennsylvania. This is due to heavy German settling in this region throughout the 18th and 19th centuries. The state capital of Harrisburg has the highest concentration of residents with the last name Schafberger. Other places to find Schafbergers in the United States are Illinois, Ohio, New York, California, and Texas.

The Schafberger surname can be found around the world today, particularly in places where German settlers established communities in the past. As a result of the large number of Schafbergers that immigrated to other countries, it is likely that more people will continue to find the Schafberger name as they explore their family histories.

Variations of the surname Schafberger

The surname Schafberger has variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin, including:

* Schafferberger

* Schaeferberger

* Schaffenberger

* Schiffenberger

* Schafenberg

* Schaufenberger

* Schoupfenberg

* Shaffenberger

* Saffenberger

* Safferberger

* Seifenberger

Schafberger has origins from the German language, first used as an occupational name to refer to an individual who tended, raised or shepherded sheep. 'Schaf' is German for 'sheep' and 'berg' translates to 'mountain'. It is believed that this name originated with individuals who lived or worked in areas that were associated with mountains that were home to sheep.

The Schafberger surname can be found in various forms throughout German-speaking countries such as Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. It is also an anglicised version of the name and is thought to have been used by German immigrants who moved to other countries such as the United States and Canada. It is believed to have been adapted to 'Schaffer' or 'Schafferberger', with some families choosing to use both variations depending on the location.

In the United States, variants of Schafberger surnames are also used by some Jewish families who adopted it as their own following their emigration from Europe. These variants include Schaffenberger, Schiffenberger, and Shaffenberger.

Variants of the Schafberger surname can also be found in the form of a hyphenated name, such as 'Schaf-Berger' or 'Schäfferberger'. This form has become popular in recent years and is often used among families of mixed Germanic heritage, however, it does not necessarily denote a different origin.

Famous people with the name Schafberger

  • Ralf Schafberger: German freestyle wrestler
  • Marek Schafberger: Czech swimmer
  • Richard Schafberger: American baseball player
  • Luciano Schafberger: Argentine footballer
  • Joseph Schafberger: Canadian ice hockey player
  • Joseph Schafberger Jr.: American singer
  • Václav Schafberger: Czech water polo player
  • Frank Schafberger: Austrian judoka
  • Norbert Schafberger: Austrian alpine skier
  • Joseph Schafberger III: American racecar driver
  • Jef Schafberger: Belgian privateer and sailor
  • Paul Schafberger: American basketball player
  • Alexander Schafberger: German rower
  • Leopold Schafberger: Austrian engineer
  • Karl Schafberger: German footballer

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