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Surname Schaffarik - Meaning and Origin

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Schaffarik: What does the surname Schaffarik mean?

The last name Schaffarik is of German and Austrian origin and is believed to have originated from both Middle High German and Upper German word elements. Its meaning could be broken down to “schaffen”, which means “to form” or “to create” and the “arik”, which is derived from the root word “Rîk”, which means “king”. The last name Schaffarik could then be translated as “one who forms or creates a king” or “the one who makes a king”.

The earliest roots of the Schaffarik name appear in Germany in the 16th century as the spelling variations Shaffarik. It was likely formed from a combination of personal characteristics or occupation of the original individuals who took the name. Over the years, it developed into the variations Schafferick, Schafarick, and Schaffarik, which are all synonyms used by people with the name today.

The Schaffarik name is most commonly associated with hard work, ambition, and leadership qualities. It has a strong sense of honor and justice and is believed to bring a sense of strength to whoever has it. This could explain why the name has maintained its strength over the centuries throughout Austria and Germany.

In conclusion, the last name Schaffarik is steeped in rich history and tradition. It is believed to represent a sense of strength and honor as well as ambition and leadership. It is a name with a long history in Austria and Germany and is still used by many in those countries.

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Schaffarik: Where does the name Schaffarik come from?

The last name Schaffarik is most commonly found today in Germany and throughout the rest of Central Europe. It can also be found in Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and Eastern Europe.

The surname is likely of German origin and is a variation of the name Schaffarzyk which is believed to have first been used in the Middle Ages. It has been linked to a number of spelling variations including Shafaruk, Shaffarik, and Schafarzyk.

The majority of bearers of this name in Germany can be found in Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia. It is also extremely common in Austria, especially in the states of Vienna, Lower Austria, and Styria.

In terms of international populations, Schaffarik can be found across the United States, particularly in Pennsylvania and New York. In Canada, it is especially common in the provinces of Ontario and Alberta. There is also a small but growing population in Australia.

Schaffarik can also be found in some Latin American countries including Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay. Finally, it has been spotted in smaller numbers in East Africa and India.

Variations of the surname Schaffarik

The surname Schaffarik has several variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. The most common are Schaffer, Shaffer, Shafarik, Schafrik, Schaufer, Chaffer and Schaffler.

The surname “Schaffarik” is thought to have originated from Silesia and Moravia in Central Europe. It is believed to have fondly derived from the trade term “schavfeler,” which was used to describe one who sells furs or fur-related goods.

The spelling and origin of the surname was likely impacted by the various migrations of people throughout Europe through the ages. In German speaking countries, variants of the surname such as Schafik, Schaffler and Schaffarik are more common.

In other countries, the spelling of the surname was modified to accommodate for language differences, such as the English spellings of Shaffer, Shafarik, Schafer or Shafer. Variations which include the spelling of the prefix “sch” with the addition of an “c” have arisen due to French influence in various regions, such as the surname Schaufer.

It is possible to trace the origins of the surname, either through alphabetical, visual or cultural means. Researching the various spellings of the surname can provide insight into its origins and provide further information about the people who first took the surname.

Famous people with the name Schaffarik

  • Friedrich Schaffarik (1830-1903): Austrian linguist and exchange scholar.
  • Reinhold Schaffarik (1876-1948): Austrian entomologist and zoologist.
  • Marián Schaffarik (1901–1962): Czech sculptor and medalist.
  • Ernst Schaffarik (1907–1980): Austrian geographer and historiographer.
  • Peter Schaffarik (born 1935): Austrian actor.
  • Ludwig Schaffarik (born 1940): Austrian actor.
  • Sea Swim Schaffarik (born 1969): Canadian sculptor, ceramicist, and installation artist.
  • Orsolya Schaffarik (born 1971): Hungarian hurdler and swimmer.
  • Mathias Schaffarik (born 1986): German footballer.

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