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Surname Schallert - Meaning and Origin

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Schallert: What does the surname Schallert mean?

The last name Schallert is a German surname that is believed to have originated in the Rhineland-Palatinate region of west-central Germany. The name itself is derived from the German word "schaller," which roughly translates to "bellmaker." It is likely that the surname was originally given to someone who was either a bellmaker by trade or who lived in a house or an area that was noted for its bellmakers. As time passed and people began to emigrate to other countries, the name was adopted by other cultures and developed various spellings, such as Schaller, Schallert, Schalor, or Shallow.

The Schallert family has a long history in Germany dating back to the Middle Ages. Over time, members of the Schallert family moved to other parts of Europe and beyond, thus contributing to the spreading of the name and its variants. Today, there are Schallert families from all corners of the world, including the United States and Canada.

The Schallerts have a strong pride in their heritage. They are proud of their German roots and of the contributions their ancestors have made to the different cultures and countries where they live. No matter where the Schallerts come from, they all share a common bond of family, tradition, and culture that binds them to each other and to their ancestors.

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Schallert: Where does the name Schallert come from?

The last name Schallert is most commonly found in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. It is also present in other European countries, such as Italy, Croatia, and Czech Republic. Worldwide, the Schallert surname is most prevalent in the United States, with many descendants of German and Austrian immigrants having adopted this surname over the years.

Notable examples of this surname include the actor Lyle Schallert. Born in 1914 in Los Angeles, California, Schallert was an Emmy Award-winning actor who had a vast career in films, television and theater. His impressive resume includes over 200 film and television roles, including appearances in classic movies like Miracle on 34th Street and television shows such as Family Affair and The Waltons.

The Schallert name can also be found in the history books. For example, Bernhard Schaller was a prominent German military commander during the Thirty Years War and was responsible for many significant victories. During this time, he is also credited with developing one of the first successful principles of siege warfare.

In modern days, the Schallert name is still quite common around the world. It is especially popular in parts of the United States, such as California, Oregon, and New York, where many descendants of German and Austrian immigrants have made the Schallert name their own.

Variations of the surname Schallert

The surname Schallert has various spellings and variants, including Charlot, Schaller, Schallerdt, Schallart, Schallerth, Schallertz, and Schallort. Originating from Germany, the surname Schallert is derived from the personal name of Charles, which is derived from the Old German 'Karl'. This name meant "free man" and was a popular name in the Middle Ages.

The jurisdictional name of Schallert was formed as a locational name, referring to a person who lived in an area in Germany with the name Schall. The prevalent spelling of this surname in the United States is 'Schallert' and the countries from which this spelling of the surname is most commonly found are Germany, Austria, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

Variants of the surname Schallert can be found across Europe, including France, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Switzerland. In France, the corresponding form is Charlot, while in Belgium it can be found as Schallerdt and Schallerth.

The most common variants of the surname Schallert in Germany and Austria are Schaller and Schallertz, while in Poland it is Schallort. In the Czech Republic, variants include Schaller, Schallort, and Schallerth. The corresponding form in the Netherlands is Schallart.

In conclusion, the surname Schallert has various spellings and variants in different countries throughout Europe. These include Charlot, Schaller, Schallerdt, Schallart, Schallerth, Schallertz, and Schallort.

Famous people with the name Schallert

  • William Schallert: An American character actor who has appeared in hundreds of television shows and movies throughout his long career, including The Patty Duke Show, Get Smart, South Pacific, In the Heat of the Night, and The Waltons.
  • Tom Schallert: An Australian composer and music producer, who won an Academy Award for the music for the 1975 film Cyrano de Bergerac.
  • Emily Schallert: A former American professional wrestler, known by her ring names "Mia Mancini" and "Emma Blaque".
  • Eric Schallert: An American producer, director, and screenwriter best known for producing shows such as Psych and Charmed.
  • Edwin Schallert: An American film historian and former film critic for the Los Angeles Times, best known for his book The Movies Come from America: American Filmmakers Abroad, 1924-1960.
  • William Schallert Jr.: An American sound engineer and record producer, best known for his work on films such as Monster House and August Rush, as well as documenting the soundtrack of the first user-editable film, EPIC.
  • Bernard Schallert: An American actor and director most noted for his extensive stage work in musicals and in one-man shows such as "A Christmas Memory".
  • Frank Schallert: An American professional golfer, who competed on the PGA Tour in the 1950s and 1960s and won the Tucson Open four times.
  • Nick Schallert: An American soccer player who spent two seasons in Major League Soccer with the Chicago Fire and the Tampa Bay Mutiny, and also played in the National Premier Soccer League for the New Orleans Jesters.
  • Casey Schallert: An American comedian, actor, and writer best known for his work as a stand up on Comedy Central, as well as for his acting roles in popular television shows such as Veep, Workaholics, and Parks and Recreation.

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