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Surname Schaller - Meaning and Origin

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I. Schaller

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Schaller: What does the surname Schaller mean?

Schaller is a German surname, derived from the Middle High German word ‘schal’ meaning ‘a rounded basin’. It is a name for someone who lived near a body of water, or perhaps someone who was particulary adept a aquatic tasks.Schaller is among the top 100 most popular German surnames, and is also present in the United States, where its popularity is on the rise.

The first recorded instance of the Schaller surname appears in the 12th century in Nuremberg records, where a man named Gottfried Schaller is mentioned. It is also seen in Leipzig in 1344, and in Bavaria in 1346. The surname can be found all over Europe in records from the 16th and 17th centuries, though its distribution in the United States began in the 19th century when German immigrants started arriving in America.

The Schaller family is known for several notable members, including Max Schaller, a German American sculptor; Ernst Ludwig Schaller de Lubicz, an Austrian naturalist; and Rudolf Schaller, a German doctor and social reformer.

In current times, Schaller is popular not only in Germany and the United States, but also in other countries, from Iceland to Russia, making it one of the most widespread of German surnames.

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Schaller: Where does the name Schaller come from?

The last name Schaller is most commonly found in Europe, particularly in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic. In Germany, Schaller is the 15th most common last name, making it one of the most popular surnames. In France, it is the 78th most common name, and in Italy it is the 249th most common.

In the US, Schaller is on the rise in popularity as well. The Social Security Administration estimates that around 2,500 people bear the name and it is currently the 6,219th most popular surname in the US. Interestingly, Schaller is also especially common throughout countries in East Asia, though its prevalence in the US is far greater than in those countries.

Schaller originates in Germany, potentially from the Middle High German ”schale” meaning “plate”. This may refer to either a flat metal cup or plate or a shield, possibly of nobility connections. The spelling may also be of a locational or toponymic origin, derived from a place named with the root “schal”, meaning “ravine or gully.”

Overall, the surname Schaller is most widely distributed throughout Europe, though it is growing in popularity in the US and East Asia. It has its roots in either nobility or a place name, though its exact origin is not known.

Variations of the surname Schaller

The surname Schaller is a German surname with several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. These include the German variant Schaller, as well as the alternate spellings Schaller, Schallers, Scheller, Schäller, and the French versions Schallier and Challier.

The spelling variations largely depend on which region the surname originated in. For example, in German speaking countries, the surname sometimes uses an “ä” instead of an “a”, resulting in Schäller. In other areas, the surname may be written with an “e” before the “l” instead, resulting in Scheller.

The surname Schaller is derived from the German meaning a horn blower, and the root word schall meaning sound or noise, making it likely the original Schaller was an occupational surname for a person who blew a horn or the town crier. This surname is also seen spelled as Schallhorn in some parts of Germany.

In addition to the variants of Schaller, there are also several related surnames with a similar origin. These include Schallmeier, Schutzendorfer, Schallau, Scholle, Mengschall, and Rebschall, among others. These related surnames are likely derived from various spellings of the original Schaller surname or the root words used to describe a horn blower or town crier.

All of these various spellings and surnames of the same origin can be traced back to the same original German surname, or one of its root words.

Famous people with the name Schaller

  • Aaron Schaller: professional American Soccer player
  • Archie Schaller: American baseball Hall of Fame inductee
  • Brandon Schaller: American soccer player
  • Christian Schaller: software engineer and open source contributor
  • Ed Schaller: American football coach
  • Frank Schaller: Austrian Carnival dancer and musician
  • Janice Schaller: American politician
  • Kelley Schaller: American wrestler
  • Kristen Schaller: American photographer
  • Laura Schaller: American cross country skiier
  • Ludwig Schaller: Austrian composer
  • Mark Schaller: American psychology professor
  • Robert Schaller: German businessman
  • Ryan Schaller: Canadian soccer referee
  • Stephen Schaller: American sculptor
  • Thorsten Schaller: German physicist
  • Vivian Schaller: American teacher
  • Wilmer Schaller: American writer and editor

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