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Surname Schalla - Meaning and Origin

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Schalla: What does the surname Schalla mean?

Schalla is a surname of German origin. However, its exact meaning is not explicitly recognized or documented in historical or genealogical resources. It might be derived from the old German word "schal", which means "loud" or "noisy", but this is merely speculative. It's common for surnames to have originated from occupations, locations, descriptive words, or ancestors' names, but the specific origin of "Schalla" is unclear. Like many surnames, the spelling may have changed over generations, potentially altering or obscuring the original meaning. It is also of note that the surname is most commonly found in Germany, the United States, and Canada, which might suggest patterns of migration over time. It is always advisable for individuals interested in the specific history or etymology of their surname to conduct more detailed genealogical research or consult with a professional genealogist.

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Schalla: Where does the name Schalla come from?

The last name Schalla is most commonly found today in Germany and Austria. It is an occupational surname originating from central Europe and likely began as an occupational name for a person in charge of the stables or stalls of a livestock market. It is believed that the name evolved over time from the old German words ‘scal’ meaning ‘stall’ and ‘hala’ meaning ‘hall’, hence the name Schalla.

This surname has a long history across Germany and Austria and today continues to be prominent in both countries. In Germany, the Schalla surname is most commonly found in the areas of Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Schleswig-Holstein, and Saxony-Anhalt. It is also commonly found in Lower Austria and is particularly prevalent in the cities of Salzburg and Vienna. The name is also relatively common in the United States and Canada, largely due to German and Austrian migrant communities.

The Schalla family name has had a long and storied past in central Europe and has been maintained over many generations. Today, Schalla is an old surname with roots across two continents and is still very prominent all around the world.

Variations of the surname Schalla

The surname Schalla has many variants, spellings, and other surnames of the same origin. These variants include Schaal, Schaalman, Schaalmann, Schaalmans, Schal, Schall, Schaller, Schalles, Schallman, Schallmann, Schallmans, Shal, Shalla, Shalle, Shaller, Shalles, Shallman, Shallmann, Shallmans, Shol, Schalow, Schallaw, Schawlow, Schalau, Shalow, Schawlau, Schaulaw, Schau, Schaul, Schaule, Schauler, Schepel, Schepelmann, Schöpel, Schöpelmann, Shappell, Shappellman, Shoap and Schaup.

The surnames Schalla and Schaal originate from the German word 'schale' which means 'shell'. This surname is likely derived from an early medieval nickname for a person with thin features that were considered to resemble a shell, or a person that conducted a type of trade that involved selling shells.

The variant Schall comes from the German surname Schaller, which is derived from the occupation of a 'schaller' (a 'bell' or 'deer' hunter). This was a profession records since the 15th century.

The variants Schaller, Schalles, Schallman, Schallmann,Schallmans, Schalow, Schallaw, and Schawlow come from the Middle High German word 'schalen' which refers to the vats or tanks made of wood or stone that were used to collect sap for brewing beer. This surname most likely referred to someone who made such containers.

Shal, Shalla, Shalle, Shaller, Shalles, Shallman, and Shallmann are derived from the German and Dutch word 'shal' which refers to a messenger, or 'schell' which means 'bell'. This surname may have referred to someone who made bells, used bells in their profession as a messenger, or simply someone with a bell-like voice.

Finally, the variants Schaup, Schau, Schaul, Schaule, and Schauler come from the Old German word 'schal' which refers to a large container or small barrel, and 'hau' which refers to 'shoulder'. This surname likely referred to a person who transported beer or wine in wooden barrels, which were carried over the shoulder.

Famous people with the name Schalla

  • August Schalla: a German prelate of the Roman Catholic Church who served as auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising from 1993-2008.
  • Kyle Schalla: an American sculptor and stained glass conservator.
  • Jan Schalla: a Dutch publisher and editor who worked on many of the most significant magazines in the Netherlands.
  • Arthur Schalla: an American animator and storyboard artist.
  • Conrad Schalla: a Swiss actor and director who was active during the silent film era.
  • Edouard Schalla: a Belgian composer, viola player, conductor, and music teacher.
  • David Schalla: an American clarinetist and music professor, who held the faculty position of professor of clarinet in the Department of Music at the University of Montana from 1981–2013.
  • Stephanie Schalla: a German writer, feminist and politician in the Saarland area of Germany.
  • Johannes Schalla: a German Roman Catholic priest and a member of the Maria Ward Sisters.
  • Alex Schalla: an American sound engineer and sound editor who won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Comedy or Drama Series (One Hour).

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