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Surname Schales - Meaning and Origin

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Schales: What does the surname Schales mean?

The last name Schales is of German origin and is derived from the Middle High German terms “schales” or “schale,” which mean “platter or bowl”. It is a metonymic occupational surname for someone who worked in pottery and was involved in making and selling platters and bowls.

The Schales surname could also have evolved from the village of Schales in the Schmalkalden-Meiningen district of Thuringia, Germany. During the Middle Ages, people in Europe were known by the name of their place of residence, which is why many surnames have the suffix “-er” or “-man” attached to them.

Historically, the Schales surname could have also been derived from the Old High German phrase “schar alands” or “schar alden” meaning “servants of the all-ruling God”, making it an example of an status surname based on occupational activities.

Throughout the centuries, the surname has been spelled in a variety of ways, including Schale, Schalles, Schalles, Schuels and Schalla. It was also common for people to change the spelling of their surname due to the misreading or mistranscription of hand-written documents.

Variations of this surname have spread around the world, with Schales families living in the United States, Canada, England, Germany, Argentina, and Australia.

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Schales: Where does the name Schales come from?

The last name Schales is an uncommon last name in today's society. According to research on the website, the Schales surname is predominately of German descent, with roots in the Schwaben region of Germany. It is particularly common in the region of Thüringen in the former East Germany.

The Schales surname is also quite common in the United States, where many people of German descent immigrated in the 19th century, largely during a period of political instability in the region.

Hovering slightly around 0.00013% in population distribution, the Schales surname is not quite an uncommon last name in the United States. It ranks 4,686th in top-frequency of all last names and is most common in Texas, Nebraska, and South Dakota.

The Schales surname is also found in many European countries such as Austria, the UK, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Italy, although not as commonly as it is found in the United States. In terms of population distribution, it is very rare in parts of Europe, hovering slightly above 0.00003%.

Taken as a whole, the Schales surname has a relatively widespread geographical distribution today, although it may be considered an uncommon last name in many parts of the world.

Variations of the surname Schales

The surname Schales is derived from the German word ‘schall,’ which means ‘to cry out.’ The surname can be found with various spellings and variants, the most common of which are Schales, Schall, Schaller, Schalls, and Schalz. Other variations of the surname include Schahl, Schaal, Schaals, Shales, Schaul, Schole, Shole, and Sholl.

Schales is an Anglo-Saxon variant, mainly found in England and the United States. Schall is another common variant, primarily found in Germany. The German spelling is Schaller, which is derived from the German verb ‘schelen,’ meaning ‘to cry out’ or ‘to roar.’ Similarly, Schalls is a German variant, derived from the German word ‘schal,’ which means ‘shout.’ Schalz is another German variation, derived from the German word ‘schalz,’ which means ‘shout’ or ‘call.’

In France, the spelling of the surname is Schall, and it may be derived from the Middle French word ‘echellier’ or ‘eschille,’ both of which mean ‘roar’ or ‘shout.’ Another French variant is Schaul, which may be derived from the Middle French word ‘escauler.’

There are also Dutch and Scandinavian variations of the surname. In the Netherlands, the surname is Schales, while in Finland and Norway, the surname is Schole or Shole. In Sweden, the surname is often written as Sholl or Scholl, and it may be derived from the Swedish word ‘skoll,’ which means ‘echo’ or ‘cry out.’

Overall, the surname Schales has many variants and spellings. The variants are derived from the ancestral German word ‘schall,’ which means ‘to roar’ or ‘to shout.’ In addition to German variants, the surname also has Dutch, French, Swedish, Norwegian, and Finnish variants.

Famous people with the name Schales

  • William Schales: William Schales is a world-renowned classical pianist born in Berlin in 1938. He is the recipient of numerous awards including the National Prize of the Federal Republic of Germany, bearing his name. He has recorded numerous classical albums as well as teaching at the Berlin University of the Arts.
  • Harry Schales: Harry Schales is a renowned German theater director and actor from Berlin. He has been awarded the German Theater Award for his work in theater in the capital city. He is well-known for directing various plays such as "Der Protagonist" and "Die goldene Enkelin".
  • Andrew Schales: Andrew Schales is an actor and writer from Germany. He was moved to the United States in the late 1990s and has since featured in TV shows such as "The West Wing" and "24". He also starred in the movie "Flucht aus Berlin".
  • John Schales: John Schales is a painter and illustrator from the United States. He is famous for his portrait and figure paintings, such as "Woman with a Coral Wreath" and "The Card Players". He is also well-known for his commissioned works for the Walt Disney Company.
  • Tony Schales: Tony Schales is an American singer and was a contestant on the talent show "American Idol" in 2007. He has released numerous singles since his appearance on the show, such as "What Matters Most" and "Waiting on You".

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