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Surname Schala - Meaning and Origin

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Schala: What does the surname Schala mean?

Schala is not a common surname and its origin is not clear, meaning it's difficult to determine an exact meaning. However, surnames can often be traced back to occupations, geographical locations, or descriptions of an ancestor. It is possible that the name Schala is derived from "schal", a German word which could mean "shell" or "scale". Additionally, it might be a variation of "Schall", a surname with roots in Germany and Switzerland, usually given to individuals who lived in a noisy area or who were very talkative. Nevertheless, without confirmed historical or etymological data, these are simply speculative interpretations. The meaning might vary based on cultural and regional factors. It is always interesting and worth researching your own ancestor's records for more personal information.

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Schala: Where does the name Schala come from?

The surname Schala is a German surname derived from a medieval personal name. This surname is particularly common in areas of eastern and central Europe, such as Hungary, Germany, Austria, and Romania. It is also present in other countries with significant German-speaking populations, such as the United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

In the United States, Alaska, Nebraska, and Illinois have the highest occurrences of the surname Schala, with over 500 individuals registered in the last name database. The next states in terms of population are Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Ohio.

In Australia, the majority of the Schala surname is centered in the states of Victoria and New South Wales, with over 400 people registered in the last name database.

In Canada, the surname Schala is primarily concentrated in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, and Manitoba.

In New Zealand, the surname is especially prominent in the North Island, with over 300 people registered in the last name database.

Overall, the surname Schala is particularly common in the areas listed above, particularly the United States, Germany, Canada, and Australia.

Variations of the surname Schala

Variants and spellings of the surname Schala can range from Shalah to Shallah and Schalle. It is derived from the Hebrew name Shlomoh, which translates to peace. Variations on the spelling and pronunciations of Schala include Shala, Schalah, Shaloh, Shalah, Shalah, Schele, Shalom, Scholem, Scholl and Shalom. Surnames with the same origin include Schalom, Schilling, Schell, Schulman, Shell, Schul, Schiele, Schubert, Shulman, Schluter, Schuster and Shalev. Alternative spellings and paths of migration can also refer to the originating spelling or pronunciation.

Famous people with the name Schala

  • Eugen Schala: East German Olympic swimmer
  • Manfred Schala: Austrian cellist and conductor
  • Christoph Schala: German classical tenor
  • Stephan Schala: German mathematician
  • Joseph Schala: German operatic baritone
  • Reinhard Schala: German composer
  • Aurora Schala: French painter
  • Franz Schala: Austrian composer
  • Ursula Schala: German costume designer
  • Johannes Schala: Austrian painter and graphic designer

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