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Surname Schalch - Meaning and Origin

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Schalch: What does the surname Schalch mean?

The last name Schalch is of German and Swiss origin and is derived from the word “schalk” which means mischief or boldness. The name was likely originally given to a family who acted mischievously and boldly. It was probably a sign of respect for them to be given a name associated with such values.

The Schalch surname is composed of two elements: ‘sch’ which means ‘out’ and ‘alch’ which comes from the German ‘-alech’ meaning ‘bold.’ Thus, the name as a whole can be interpreted as ‘out of boldness’ and was often given to those who weren’t afraid to speak their minds, take chances, or make a statement.

Today, the Schalch surname can be found all over the world. Bearers of the surname can be found in both the US and Europe, and locals often trace their ancestry to Germany, Switzerland, or Austria. The Schalch family likely have a diverse history, with some relatives having immigrated due to war or hardships.

In short, the Schalch surname symbolizes those with an outgoing, bold spirit. It honors those who are not afraid to speak their minds, take risks or stand up for what they believe in. No matter how far the Schalch family has dispersed in the world, these values remain a part of each Schalch’s identity.

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Schalch: Where does the name Schalch come from?

The last name Schalch is commonly found in Switzerland and surrounding Central European countries, particularly Germany and Austria. In the United States, Schalch is especially concentrated in the Midwest, although it is found across the country.

In Switzerland, the Schalch surname is especially common in the canton of Zurich, where it is the 32nd most common name. It is similarly well-established in the cantons of Aargau, St. Gallen, and Lucerne. In Germany and Austria, the Schalch surname is most often found in the mountainous Bavarian regions of Allgäu and Tyrol and in the Upper Rhine region.

In the United States, the Schalch surname is especially prevalent in states such as Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas. It is most common in the cities of Bloomington and Normal, Illinois, where it was first brought by Swiss immigrants in the mid-19th century. Depending on the area, the spelling of the name can also be Schalek, Schalick, or Schallick.

Overall, the name Schalch can be found in a wide variety of countries, particularly Switzerland and Central Europe. The name is especially well-established in certain regions of the United States, particularly the Midwest, where it was first brought by Swiss immigrants in the 19th century.

Variations of the surname Schalch

Schalch is known by several variant spellings depending on its origin. In Germany, it is spelled Schalch, Schalchle, Schalkh, Schalkle, Schalck, Schalke, and Schalk. It is also used in Austria and Switzerland as Schalck, Schalek, and Schaluk. In Denmark and Norway, it is spelled Schalch, Schalke, and Schalk. In the Netherlands, it is spelled Schalk.

In some countries, this name has been further modified from its original spelling. In Scotland, the spelling was changed to Sholch, Scholch or Shalch. In the United Kingdom and Ireland, it is also spelled Sholch, Scholch, Shalch, Shalk and Shalkh. In Hungary, it is spelled Skalich.

There are other surnames that have derived from the original spelling of Schalch. In Czech Republic, Ukraine, and Hungary, this has been modified to become Skala, Skalak, Skelak, Skalka, Skolka, Skolak and Skolik. In Russia and Poland, it has become Szalak, Scalk, Shalk, Szalk and Szalak. In Lithuania, it is sometimes spelled Skelka or Skelk.

The Schalch surname is generally regarded as possibly originating from the German personal name Schalk or Schalch. This is in turn derived from the Germanic element “scalc”, meaning “servant”. It is thought that the Schalchs moved from Germany to many other countries in Europe over the centuries.

In the United States, it has become Americanized to Schlock, Sholch, and Shalch. In Canada, it is known as Sholch, Scholch or Shalch. It is also found in Mexico as Shalk, Shalck, Schalk and Sholch.

There are many other spellings of the Schalch surname across Europe and the United States, although these are some of the most commonly used as variants.

Famous people with the name Schalch

  • Stephen Schalch: Stephen Schalch is the former president of the National Association of Early Childhood Educators, where he championed initiatives such as the Professional Development Institute, a professional development program for early childhood educators.
  • Arnold Schalch: Arnold Schalch is an American architect, specializing in residential and commercial projects. Some of his most notable works include the pink terra-cotta buildings on the north side of Chelsea Park, and a Hudson-town commercial structure.
  • Ludwig Schalch: Ludwig Schalch was an Austrian-born German sculptor, primarily known for his public monuments and memorials throughout Germany. His stylistic approach was characterized by classically inspired elements influenced by eclectic movements.
  • Helmut Schalch: Helmut Schalch is a German painter and sculptor who has worked in various styles throughout his career. He is best known for his large-scale bronze sculptures, often incorporating movement and playing with geometric shapes.
  • Adolf Schalch: Adolf Schalch was an Austrian physicist and mathematician who made significant contributions to thermodynamics, particularly through his work on the concept of entropy.
  • Ronald Schalch: Ronald Schalch is an American public servant and businessman, having served in the United States Navy, the United States Department of Transportation, and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. He is a partner of the consulting firm's AlbrightStonebridge Group.
  • Barbara Schalch: Barbara Schalch is an Austrian journalist and television presenter. She has written extensively for various newspapers and magazines, and has presented several Austrian news and current affairs television programs.

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