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Surname Schalker - Meaning and Origin

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Schalker: What does the surname Schalker mean?

The last name Schalker is of German origin and means "one who originates from Schalkenmehren," a small village in the northern part of the country. This surname is believed to have been derived from the German verb ‘schalken’ meaning ‘to chatter’.

The dialectic form of the word is ‘schaukeln’ which suggests that the origin of the Schalker family name may be ‘one who lives in the village of a chatterer’. This indicates that the Schalker family likely originated in this small village in the North German Plain. The village is believed to have been occupied since the Middle Ages, and it is likely that the Schalker family has been living in the same place for hundreds of years.

The Schalker name is considered to be part of a rare group of last names that are still popular in their local area. The popularity of the Schalker surname in Germany makes it difficult to trace the exact origin of this name. As such, it has been difficult for genealogists to extrapolate the history of this family name.

Schalker surname holders can take pride in their unique lineage and find comfort in the longevity of their families. As more research is conducted on the Schalker family name, a clearer picture of their past will surely present itself.

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Schalker: Where does the name Schalker come from?

The last name Schalker is most commonly found in the German-speaking regions of Europe. The German states of North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony are home to the most Schalkers. In Germany, it is considered a fairly common surname.

In the United States, the last name Schalker is not nearly as common, but it can be found in a few places. Many locations in Pennsylvania—namely Philadelphia—have a greater number of those with this surname, as do Texas and California. There is a notable number of those with Schalker ancestry living in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin as well.

The Schalker family likely originated in western Germany and immigrated to America around the 1880s. It is said that the family was involved in the Pennsylvania Dutch beer industry during this same era.

Outside of the U.S. and Germany, you can also find the Schalker name in parts of Europe and Australia. In England, for example, the surname is found in discreet numbers in Cumbria, Lancashire, Yorkshire, and Derbyshire. In Australia, it can be found in some areas of New South Wales and Victoria.

Overall, Schalker is still considered a fairly common name in Europe, but it is not nearly as prominent in the U.S. and other countries around the world.

Variations of the surname Schalker

The surname Schalker is derived from the German verb schalken, which means to joke or jest. It is most common in Germany and other parts of Europe, especially in the countries of Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. Variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin of Schalker include:

Schalk, Schaller, Schalken, Schalkes, Schalke, Schalkenauer, Schalko, Schalkowski, Schalck, Schall, Schaller, Schallke, Schwalke, Schwalck, Schwalcken, Schwalk, Schwalle, Schwalm, Schopf, Schöpf, Schoeffler, Scholtz, Scholtze, Scholz, Schulck, Schulp, Schulpe, Schwolz, Scholtz and Scholzke.

The surname Schalker is commonly found in Germany, Austria, and other European countries, with Schalk, Schaller, and Schwalke being the most common variants in Germany. In Austria, Schalko, Schulp, and Schulpe are the primary variants, while in the Netherlands, the surname Schalkenauer and Schalkes are generally used. In some parts of Slovenia, the spelling of the surname Schalker is more commonly Scholz.

Schalker is ultimately derived from the Proto-Germanic word skelka, meaning 'joke,' which suggests that the original bearer of this surname may have been a jester or comedian.

Famous people with the name Schalker

  • Bastian Schalker: German actor and singer, best known for his role as Jan in the 2017 drama film “Timm Thaler”.
  • Tim Schalker: German professional football player, currently playing for FC Schalke 04.
  • Simon Schalker: German mixed martial artist, known for competing in the welterweight division of the Cage Warriors Fighting Championship.
  • David Schalker: Swiss professional basketball player, currently playing for the Fraport Skyliners.
  • Luca Schalker: Belgian actor, director and producer, best known for his role in the 2019 film “A Lover's Discourse”.
  • Tina Schalker: German athlete, known for her prowess in the shotput and discus throw.
  • Joelle Schalker: French actress, known for her role as Caroline in the 2017 crime drama “French Kisses”.
  • Steve Schalker: Australian comedian and actor, best known for his stand-up comedy act “Good Cop, Bad Cop”.
  • Katrin Schalker: German swimmer, known for breaking the world record in the 400m freestyle event in 2018.
  • Eric Schalker: British rock musician, best known as the founder and frontman of the band “Flowers in the Dirt”.

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