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Surname Schalkau - Meaning and Origin

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Schalkau: What does the surname Schalkau mean?

The last name Schalkau is of German origin and originated as an occupational name for people who worked as a saddler or gathered wood from the forest. The German word schalk means “crafty” or “wily,” and the term auer can mean “alderman” or “collector.”

Additionally, it is believed the name may have originated as a location-based last name. The root word of Schalkau, schalk, could refer to a forest clearing or a place with ample wood for gathering or chopping, as well as the people who worked or lived there.

The name Schalkau is relatively rare today, likely due to the force of modernity on cultural diversity, but can still be found in some areas of Germany and Austria, as well as the United States, Canada, England, France, and South Africa. It is likely to have evolved over the years into other spellings, such as Skalka, Schalko, Schalke, and Schalkaw.

Schalkau is an interesting last name that may have both occupational and location-based origins. Its rarity today adds to its historical significance, as it is a reminder of the days when people gave their unique names, which denoted where they worked or lived, to identify their clans or families.

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Schalkau: Where does the name Schalkau come from?

Schalkau is a German surname that originated in Saxony-Anhalt. It has spread to many countries around the world throughout the centuries. Today, it is particularly common in Germany, the United States, Canada, and Australia.

In the United States, Schalkau can be found in most states but is most common in Illinois, Ohio, California, and Pennsylvania. In Illinois, there are many Schalkaus scattered around the Chicagoland area, particularly in the northwest and southwest suburbs. The same is true for Pennsylvania, where the surname is most common around the Pittsburgh Metro area. Canada has many Schalkaus throughout the country, particularly in Ontario and Quebec.

Schalkau has its roots in Germany, where it is still common today. Saxony-Anhalt remains the center point for the surname, although it is known throughout many other regions of Germany. The name is also quite common in Australia, especially in the states of New South Wales and Victoria.

Regardless of where it is found today, the surname Schalkau is still tied to its German roots. Its spread throughout the world is indicative of the founders and descendants of the name being participants in global migration, settlement, and interaction. Today, if you peep up the surname Schalkau in any region of the world, chances are good that you’ll find someone with a connection to the original family of Saxony-Anhalt.

Variations of the surname Schalkau

The surname Schalkau is a German surname, derived from the word “schalk”, meaning “mischievous” or “crafty”. Variants of this name include Schalk, Schalkow, Schalkowsky, Schwarck, and Schwarzkopf. In some cases, the umlauted letter ö or oe is also used, such as Schälkow or Schölkow.

In addition to the German variants, this surname has also adopted several Dutch spellings, such as Zwijgman. Immigrants to the United States may have Americanized the spelling of their name to Shalko, Sholko, or Shalgo. The spelling variants Scholka and Scholkmann are also found in Germany and the United States.

Other variations of Schalkau include Schallkau, Scholka, Schalkoff, Schalk, Schulka, Schwarckau, and Schulke. This surname may also be surname also be found spelled as Scholkaw, Scholke, Schulkaw, and Schalke.

Surnames derived from Schalkau include Schalkowski, Schalkowski, Schulkowski, Schalkausen, Schalko, Schulke, and Schulke. These surnames are derived from Schalkau's original meaning and location of origin.

Altogether, the surname Schalkau has over 30 possible variants in both its German and Dutch forms. Variations of this surname are found all over the world, including the United States, Canada, and Australia. The surname has also been anglicized to various spellings over time, with many immigrants Americanizing their spelling to fit the culture of their new country.

Famous people with the name Schalkau

  • Manfred Schalkau (1905-2002), German mountaineer.
  • Andrew Schalkau (1964-present), American film director.
  • Sophia Schalkau (1898-1990), German opera singer.
  • Karl Schalkau (1890-1944), German resistance fighter.
  • Hartmut Schalkau (1951-present), German politician.
  • Peter Schalkau (1952-present), German Olympic cyclist.
  • Jonathan Schalkau (2000-present), German professional snowboarder.
  • Johannes Schalkau (1882-1954), German poet and writer.
  • Lisa Schalkau (1990-present), German actress.
  • Heinrich Schalkau (1861-1906), German chemist.

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