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Surname Schäufele - Meaning and Origin

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Schäufele: What does the surname Schäufele mean?

The last name Schäufele is of German-language origin. It is derived from the noun Schäufel, which means a "shovel." This word could have been used as a nickname for someone who used a shovel as part of their job or as a descriptive term for someone who had similar physical characteristics. It is also possible that the name could have been derived from a place name with similar roots.

The first recorded appearance of the name Schäufele dates back to the 13th century in Germany where records show that the name was used in various regions. In most cases, the name was listed as a personal name, meaning that it was adopted as a surname. This indicates that the name was likely used by an individual or family who had recently moved or relocated to another area where the name was in use.

Today the name Schäufele is still in use in Germany and other regions where German-language surnames are common. It is however, also in use in other countries such as the United States. Due to its German-language origin, the name has retained much of its original meaning and can be seen as a reminder of a time when an ancestor of the families using the last name Schäufele was likely known for their use of a shovel in some form or another.

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Schäufele: Where does the name Schäufele come from?

The last name Schäufele is primarily found in Germany today, where it is most common in the south of the country. It ranks among the 500 most common surnames in Germany, and is particularly concentrated in the states of Baden-Wurttemberg, Bavaria, and Rhineland-Palatinate. There were also some individuals in the United States by the name of Schäufele in the 19th and early 20th century, particularly in Pennsylvania. Recent research has also revealed occurrences of the surname in other parts of Europe, including Austria and Switzerland.

It is believed that Schäufele was originally derived from the given name Schäuffer, which itself derives from the Middle-High German schouwen (to inspect). This in turn suggests that the name was originally used to refer to somebody employed to check goods of some sort. It may also be related to the verb schaufeln, meaning “to shovel”, and may refer to a worker who moved goods by shovel instead of wheelbarrow or cart.

Another possible origin of the name might be the Latin scoppio, which means to blow something up. This might refer to a workers who’s job was to mine, and who made use of explosives to do so.

In any case, the surname Schäufele is still primarily associated with Germany. The majority of individuals bearing the name today are descended from ancestors who lived in southern Germany prior to the 19th century.

Variations of the surname Schäufele

The surname Schäufele is an old German name that originated in Bavaria. It has evolved over the centuries, leading to a number of variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. These variants are as follows:

Schaufel: Schaufel is the most commonly seen spelling of Schäufele and is used predominantly in the United States. It is derived from the Old High German word “scaffila” which means “shovel” and refers to a craft such as an anchor smith or a blacksmith who used shovels to make anchor chain links.

Schauer: This variant is sometimes seen in America, and is derived from the Old High German word “scwer” which means “shovel”.

Schauling: This variant is used mostly in Germany, and is derived from the Old High German word “schaufeln” which means “shovel”.

Schoepfel: Another variant, this is derived from the Old High German word “schoiphilia” which means “shovel”.

Schaufele: A rare variant, this is the original spelling of the name and is sometimes seen in Europe.

Schaefle: Derived from the Old High German word “schaiffila,” which means “shovel”, this variant is also occasionally seen in Europe.

Schaeufele: Another rare variant, this is the English spelling of the name and is found mostly in the United States.

Schoefel: Another rare variant, this is derived from the Old High German word “schoephnila” which means “shovel”.

The surnames of the same origin related to Schäufele are: Schaupher, Schaufler, Schafer, Schultz, and Schuman. These are old German names which all share the same meaning of “shovel maker” or simply “shoveler”.

Famous people with the name Schäufele

  • Bernd Schäufele: Bernd Schäufele is a German politician who served as chairman of the Christian Democratic Union of Baden-Württemberg from 1997 until 2019.
  • Josef Schäufele: Josef Schäufele is a German conductor and composer whose works have been performed around Europe, including in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.
  • Maria Schäufele: Maria Schäufele is a German rower who won a gold medal in the women’s eight at the 1972 Olympics in Munich.
  • William Schäufele: William Schäufele is a German attorney and public official who served as mayor of East Berlin from 1991 until 1992.
  • Gregor Schäufele: Gregor Schäufele is a German cinematographer who is known for his work on films like Rush, White Ribbon, and A Most Wanted Man.
  • Klaus Schäufele: Klaus Schäufele is a German architect and urban planner who is best known for designing the 350-meter-long Hauptbahnhof railway station in Cologne.
  • Sabine Schäufele: Sabine Schäufele is a German journalist and political analyst who was featured in the documentary film, “Netanyahu: The Constant Defiance.”
  • Monika Schäufele: Monika Schäufele is a German actress known for her roles in films like The Simple Life of Noah Dearborn and Lebensader.

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