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Surname Schäufelin - Meaning and Origin

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Schäufelin: What does the surname Schäufelin mean?

The last name Schäufelin is German in origin and is derived from the word “schaufeln”, which translates to “to scoop” or “to scoop out”. The name is believed to have been first given to a person who worked in a trade that involved the use of a shovel, such as a mason, ditch digger or miner.

Over time, the surname Schäufelin has spread across Europe. It is still found in Germany and Austria but is also present in other countries, most notably the United States. Those with the last name Schäufelin are generally believed to have descended from German immigrants who settled in North America in the 1700s and 1800s.

In terms of variation, “Schäufele” is one of the most common alternatives to the name Schäufelin. Other variations of the name include Schäufelein, Schäufeler, Schöffel and Schöffelin.

Given its Germanic roots, people with the last name Schäufelin are likely to be of German or Austrian descent. However, due to the large scale immigration during the seventeenth to nineteenth centuries, it is possible that the surname is held by people of other ethnic or national backgrounds who have since adopted a German-sounding variant of their own surnames.

Therefore, the last name Schäufelin could be interpreted as having ancestral ties to Europe as well as implying the trade profession of a person who worked with a shovel.

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Schäufelin: Where does the name Schäufelin come from?

The surname Schäufelin is most commonly found within Germany today. The Schäufelins hail from a German family, known to have originated from the region of Baden-Württemberg in southwest Germany. Although the family's name dates back as far as the 16th century, many of the known Schäufelin branches can be traced to the mid-19th century.

Due to German immigration laws, many of the members of the Schäufelin family can now be found throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and South America. The Schäufelins are recognized as a traditional German family, with records of family members dating back to the area of Baden-Württemberg in the late 1800s.

Today, those who maintain the Schäufelin surname can still be found in southwest Germany, primarily in the areas of Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, and Hesse. Some additional branches may also be located in regions such as Thuringia, Saxony, and Saxony-Anhalt. Those who trace their family history back to the Schäufelins often have relatives scattered near each other, suggesting that the family stayed in close contact throughout the years.

The Schäufelin name is not limited to Germany and can be found throughout the United States and Canada. Here, the family has undergone a few variations in spelling to include Schaefelin, Schayeffelin, and Schivefflin. Regardless of spelling, the Schäufelin family has remained close and proudly carries the name even to this day.

Variations of the surname Schäufelin

The surname Schäufelin is of German origin and can be seen in various forms in different nations. It can be spelled in English partially as 'Schaeufelin' as per variant spelling, while in France it can be seen as ‘Chaufflin’. The numerous variant spellings of Schäufelin that prevail in most nations are Schaufflin, Schoffelein, Schiefelein, Schofflin, Shadelman, Schauffmann, Chaulin, Schöffler, Schaefelein, Shaefelin and Shaeflin.

In Germany, the common surnames found are Schäfel, Schäfelin, Schöffelin, Schauffelien and Schöffling. In Switzerland, Schöfel, Schöffel, Schaffel and Schofel can be seen as variants. In England the variants are Schofield, Schoeffel, Schofeld, Schaifel, Scofield and Scofild. The Scottish variant spells are Shaffel, Shofeild, Scholfeild, Schofaild and Shauifeld.

Variants of the surnames can also be seen in other nations, such as Sweden, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Netherlands, and other places with German immigrant populations. In these countries, the surnames Schäufelin may appear as Schöfelin, Schoffel, Schöfel, Schaffel, Schaefel, Schöflin, Schaich, Schäfer and Schaefer.

In any case, these name variants are of the same origin, being that it all began with the name Schäufelin.

Famous people with the name Schäufelin

  • Christian Schäufelin: German actor and theatre director.
  • Günther Schäufelin: German musicologist, conductor, and composer.
  • August Schäufelin: Bavarian historian and writer (1744–1815).
  • Wolfgang Schäufelin: German pianist and composer.
  • Jacob Schäufelin: Austrian historian, genealogist, and author (1751–1801).
  • Conrad E. Schäufelin: Swiss-American carcinologist and professor (1856–1925).
  • Philipp Schäufelin: German historian, musicologist, teacher, and pastor (1709–1788).
  • Wilhelm Schäufelin: German palliate and baroque era sculptor (1620–1686).
  • Nikolaus Schäufelin: German architect of the 18th century.
  • Eberhard Schäufelin: German historian and librarian at the University of Stuttgart (1844–1932).

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