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Surname Schaufler - Meaning and Origin

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Schaufler: What does the surname Schaufler mean?

The surname Schaufler is of German origin and is derived from the Middle High German word “schuolf” which means “lord’s servant”. It is an occupational name which was traditionally used to denote a professional servant who held some official or honorary office in a noble house. The name is locational and is thought to come from a place name which had associations with such a servant. It is usually found in central and south-western Germany.

The origin of the name is also thought to be related to the Germanic word “scalk” which means “shape”, “shaper” or “this together”, suggesting that those bearing the name were craftsmen in the Middle Ages. This was a very important role, as they were in charge of the design, construction and maintenance of buildings.

Today, the surname is still encountered in many different countries, especially in Western Europe and North America. It is rare in other places such as the UK and Australia. Although the exact meaning of the name has been lost, it is still associated with its original traditions of servitude and craftsmanship.

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Schaufler: Where does the name Schaufler come from?

The last name Schaufler is most commonly found today in Germany and Austria. According to the World Names Profiler, the Schaufler surname has a relatively high frequency in both countries.

In Germany, the last name Schaufler is the 29th most common surname. It is most predominantly found in Bavaria and the northern area of Nordrhein-Westfalen. It is also present in smaller numbers throughout the country.

In Austria, the Schaufler surname is the 63rd most common surname in the country. It is most commonly found in the Austrian states of Burgenland, Salzburg, Styria, Upper Austria, and Vienna.

The surname is also present in smaller numbers throughout the rest of Europe, such as in the Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, and Switzerland. It is also found in the United States and Canada, but the name is much less common than in Europe.

The Schaufler surname has its origins in the Middle Ages, when it was used as an occupational surname derived from the Old German term “schaulen”, which referred to a shoemaker. It is assumed that the vast majority of people bearing this surname are descended from the same ancestor.

Variations of the surname Schaufler

The surname Schaufler is of German and Swiss origin. It is derived from the Middle High German term ‘schaufen’, meaning to ladle or to scoop. It was most likely an occupational name for someone who worked as a ladler or scooper.

Variants and spellings of the surname are Schaufle, Schaufl, Schaufli, Schaufla, Schaufelin, Schauflein and Schaufeler. German and Swiss regional variants include Schaubli, Schawli and Schwabli.

Variants of the surname in other languages include: Schwäbl(er), Schwapp(er), Schwab, Schwapper, Schwabe, Schwäble, Schwabl, Schwäppli and Schwäbal. Germanised versions found in other countries include Zahabler and Zahabl.

There are many different surnames which have a common origin with Schaufler. These include Schauffele, Schauffeler, Schauffler, Schaufler, Schauflin, Schaufla, Schauflein and Schuafler. Variants of these names include Schaffele, Schuaffeler, Schauffler, Schaffler, Schuaflin, Schaffla, Schaffein, Shaffler, and Shoafler.

The surname Schaufler has been common in southwestern Germany and in the bordering areas of Switzerland. People with this surname are thought to be descendants of the early settlers in these regions.

Famous people with the name Schaufler

  • Thomas Schaufler: An Austrian racing driver
  • Gottfried Schaufler: Former Austrian alpine skier
  • Ernest Schaufler: 19th century Austrian botanist
  • Corinna Schaufler: 20th century Austrian soprano
  • Karl Schaufler: 19th century Austrian playwright
  • Hermann Schaufler: Austrian violinist
  • Wilhelm Schaufler: 19th century Swiss painter
  • Andreas Schaufler: Swiss defender
  • Luis Schaufler: former Argentine footballer
  • Julius Schaufler: 19th century German actor

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