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Surname Schaufl - Meaning and Origin

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Schaufl: What does the surname Schaufl mean?

The last name Schaufl is a German surname that may have originated in medieval times. It is believed to have originated from a profession, likely one of guarding or protecting. Early records of the name appear in the 12th century in Southern Germany.

The root of the name is thought to be from two old German words “schaffen” and “loehl”, which meant ‘shield’ and ‘fence’ respectively. This suggests that the original bearers of the name were involved in some kind of guarding or protection of some kind, either for people or property.

The word ‘loegl’ additionally provides us with another possible meaning for the name – ‘accoutrement’, which was an ornamental type of clothing or jewelry. This suggests that the original Schaufls may have been involved in some kind of jewelry making or trading.

As with many German surnames, variants of Schaufl exist, including Schaüfl, Schaul, Schoufl and Schaafl. For centuries, the Schaufls have remained in Germany, primarily in Bavaria and Hesse.

Whichever origin the name Schaufl comes from, it has held significance in Germany for centuries and still remains today, representing a certain type of protection, attribution and artwork.

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Schaufl: Where does the name Schaufl come from?

The last name Schaufl is most highly concentrated in Germany, where it has been recorded since at least the 16th century. The states of Baden-Württemberg and Sächsische-Anhalt host the highest numbers of Schaufls, along with Bavaria and the northern and eastern parts of Germany. Some Schaufl families can also be traced back to territories such as France, Austria, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, and Switzerland.

More recently, those with the last name Schaufl have migrated throughout the world. North America is one of the more common regions for Schaufls today, with a large presence in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Many have also relocated to Europe, South America, and Australia.

In the United States, the last name Schaufl can be found in almost every state, although most of those bearing the name reside in Illinois, California, New York, and Texas. It is most common in states with large populations of German immigrants, including Florida, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and New Jersey. In Canada, Ontario and Quebec have the highest numbers of Schaufls, while Mexico has the most in the state of Chihuahua.

The last name Schaufl is quite popular today and can be found all over the world in many different countries.

Variations of the surname Schaufl

The surname Schaufl is of German origin and is traceable to the town of Schwab in Bavaria, Germany. The spelling of the name is mainly seen as Schaufl, but many variations on the spelling have been documented including Schauffel, Schaufel, Schaufler, Schauffler, Schauffel, Shaafel, Schaaffel and Schaaffler.

The spelling of this surname has shifted over time as immigrants to countries around the world adopted their own local spelling standards. In the United States and Canada the spelling Schaufl is most commonly seen, while in Great Britain and Ireland it is often spelled Schauffel. In fact, Schauffel variants are also found in areas of Europe, with variants of this spelling being recorded in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, especially in Austria and Hungary.

Schaufel is another spelling variant found mainly in Germany and Switzerland, while Schaufler and Schauffler are seen mainly in Holland and Belgium. The spelling Shaafel is recorded in Germany as well as in the United States and Canada, while Schaaffel and Schaaffler can be found in Austria, Hungary, Germany, and in some parts of Central and Eastern Europe.

It is likely that many of these variants of Schaufl have, over time, developed independently of one another and are either regional or country specific spellings. In addition, many immigrants to various countries have adopted the adopted the local spelling forms for the name to blend in better and to make it easier to integrate into their adopted new communities.

Famous people with the name Schaufl

  • Corinna Schaufler: Corinna Schaufler is a German fashion designer and model who co-founded the label "Lala Berlin".
  • Andreas Schaufler: Andreas Schaufler is a former football manager and player who managed SV Wehen Wiesbaden and SpVgg Unterhaching, among others.
  • Klaus Schaufler: Klaus Schaufler is a former professional football player who played for Werder Bremen and Eintracht Frankfurt.
  • Sven Schaufler: Sven Schaufler is an Austrian professional bicycle frame builder and road racer.
  • Georg Schaufler: Georg Schaufler is an opera singer and vocal teacher best known for his association with the Vienna State Opera.
  • Hartmut Schaufler: Hartmut Schaufler is a German television presenter and former editor of the news magazine of ZDF.
  • Matthias Schaufler: Matthias Schaufler is a German actor who has performed on stage, television and films.
  • Thomas Schaufler: Thomas Schaufler is a former professional football goalkeeper who played for German clubs such as FC Dingolfing and FC Wacker München.
  • Ferdinand Schaufler: Ferdinand Schaufler was an Austrian historian and currator of the Schoumlnbrunn Zoo in Vienna.
  • Günter Schaufler: Günter Schaufler was a German SS officer and member of the Gestapo. He was executed in 1944 for war crimes.

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