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Surname Schilder - Meaning and Origin

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Schilder: What does the surname Schilder mean?

Schilder is a German surname derived from the Middle High German word 'schilder', meaning 'shielder' or 'armourer'. The oldest surviving records of this name date back to 1290, when a ‘Hone Schilder’ was mentioned in the records of the city of Aachen.

The families using this surname were primarily craftsmen or armourers, working in the craft of making shields or armour. Although the name is no longer historically associated with this profession, it is still considered a occupational surname.

The Schilder surname can also be found in the Netherlands, where its original spelling is 'Schilder'. There are numerous variations in spelling among different languages, including 'Shilder', 'Schielder' and 'Schlueter'.

The Schilder surname can be found all over the world today, with more than 18,000 people bearing the name. This shows just how widespread the family has become over the centuries.

Today, the Schilder surname symbolises a long family tradition of hard work and dedication to a craft, representing a rich inheritance of knowledge and skill.

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Schilder: Where does the name Schilder come from?

The last name Schilder is most commonly found in Germany, where it is the 73rd most popular last name in the country. It is also common in the Netherlands, where it is the 63rd most frequent last name.

The last name Schilder also has a long history in the German-speaking area, with records going back to the 13th century of people carrying the name. The origin of the name is thought to be related to the occupational name for a sign painter, signmaker, or window artist. It is believed to have derived from the Old Germanic words “schilder”, meaning a shield, and “er” indicating “one who”. It is likely to have been first used to designate a painter who painted shields for coats of arms.

The last name Schilder is still used today in Germany, the Netherlands, and other parts of Europe, as well as in the United States, Canada, and other parts of the world. People from all countries often choose to keep the spelling as it originates, or they opt to changed the spelling to match the local language, such as Schilder in Germany instead of Schilder in the United States. The last name Schilder can be found among people of various cultural backgrounds and is a reminder of our ancestors who carved a place for themselves and their families in history.

Variations of the surname Schilder

The surname Schilder generally indicates an ancestor who worked as a sign painter or sign writer. Variants of Schilder includes Schilder, Schildew, Schildewert, Schilderberg, Schilderink, Schilders, Schilderszen, Schildes, Schilderwerk, Schildmann, Schelders, and Schilderhof.

Spelling variations of the surname Schilder can be found in Germany, Netherlands and Flanders over the centuries, reflecting the various ways that the name has been Spelled including Schilder, Schilderszen, Schilders, Schelders and Schilderer.

Surnames derived from Schilder are Scilders, Scilderszen, Schilderink, Schilderian, and Schelderman. Scilders is an alternate spelling of Schilders and is found mainly in The Netherlands. Schildering is a surname derived from Schilder, which is related to sign painting. Schelderman is derived from the Dutch word “schilder”, which means painter, and “man” which means Rural or unattached man.

In the Netherlands, Schilderian is derived from Schilder and is mainly found in the province of Zeeland. The spelling Schilderink is derived from Schilder and is mainly found in the Netherlands and Germany.

Overall, the surname Schilder has many variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. These variations are generally related to the ancestors initial occupation as a sign painter or sign writer.

Famous people with the name Schilder

  • Piet Schilder: Dutch actor
  • Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn Schilder: Dutch artist
  • Carel Willink: Dutch painter, draughtsman and designer
  • Paul Schilder: Austrian-born neurologist and psychoanalyst
  • Paul Schilder: German-American sculptor
  • Johannes Schilder: Dutch watercolour painter
  • Kees Schilder: Dutch footballer
  • Tobias Schilder: Dutch artist and digital creative
  • Carl Schilder: Dutch artist
  • Jan Schilder: Dutch painter, draughtsman and sculptor
  • Christoffel Schilder: Dutch painter
  • Maarten Schilder: Dutch painter
  • Frans Schilder: Dutch sculptor
  • Ellen Schilder: Dutch author, illustrator and visual artist
  • Magda Schilder: Dutch-Iranian painter
  • Hubert Schilder: Dutch politician
  • Charlotte Schilder: German textile artist

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