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Surname Schild - Meaning and Origin

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Unraveling My Ancestral Tapestry: A Deep Dive into the Schild Surname through iGENEA DNA Testing

I recently discovered the fascinating scientific truth behind my surname, Schild, through the lens of an iGENEA DNA test. Spanning my ancient central European maternal lineage to eastern European paternal lineage, my DNA portrays a compelling story of human survival, migration, and adaptation. The Schild name is thus a tapestry woven from central to eastern Europe, revealing the profound and intricate interconnection of human populations.

K. Schild

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Schild: What does the surname Schild mean?

The surname Schild is a German and Dutch occupational surname that originally referred to people who worked as sign makers or painters. It comes from the old Germanic word "schilde," which means a sign or shield. The Schild surname can also be found in other German speaking countries such as Austria and Switzerland.

The original sign makers and painters were responsible for creating and maintaining signs or shields for businesses, which were used to identify them and to promote their services. Variations of the surname, such as Schilder and Schildman, refer specifically to sign makers and painters.

Today, the Schild surname remains a common one throughout the German speaking world. It is a simple name with a long history and no shortage of interesting anecdotes, stories, and unique family histories. As a very old and traditional surname, it has been carried by generations of German speakers, giving it a long and proud history.

The Schild surname is one with history, pride and tradition. Its name is a reminder of the hardworking individuals who created the signs and shields that identified businesses centuries ago and continue to identify them today.

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Schild: Where does the name Schild come from?

The last name Schild is one of the most common family names across much of Europe, particularly Germany. In Germany, the name is frequently found throughout the country, especially in Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Brandenburg, Berlin, Thuringia, and the larger German cities. The Schild surname is also quite common in Austria, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Belgium.

In North America, Schild is a less common name, usually brought by immigrants from Europe and South America. It can be found in many large cities in the United States and Canada. There are also small communities of Schild families in both countries, particularly in Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, and California.

The Schild name is also present in South America, Australia, and New Zealand where it is often traced back to immigrants from Europe or Asia in the last century.

In conclusion, the last name Schild is today most commonly found in Europe, but it is by no means a rare family name in other parts of the world.

Variations of the surname Schild

The surname Schild has a variety of different spellings and variants depending on the language. These spellings and surnames all share the same origin and are derived from a German word meaning ‘shield’.

The name Schild is most commonly found in German-speaking areas, though variants of the name are found in other parts of Europe. The most common spelling of the name is Schild, but the alternative spellings Shield, Schildt, Schilder, Schildkraut and even Shildkrantz are all occasionally found.

In English and other languages, the Schild name is typically represented as Shield, Sheild, Sheilds, Sheilder, Shielder or Sheildman. In Scotland and Northern Ireland, it is sometimes spelled as Sheilds. In France and other parts of Europe, the surname is often spelled as Schildkraut, Schillkraut, Schillkrot, Schilke or Schilk.

In Ashkenazi Jewish culture, the Schild name appears as Shildkrantz or Shildkrant. In the Netherlands, or Dutch-speaking countries, the name is sometimes seen as Schilder, Schilderman or Schilders. In Nordic countries like Sweden and Norway, Schild is spelled as en Schild, Schulld or Scheld.

Overall, the Schild name has a variety of spellings and variants, but all of these share the same origin and meaning.

Famous people with the name Schild

  • Chantal Schild: A Swiss ski racer, competing for Switzerland since 2008
  • Agnes Schild: A German tennis player, also known as Agnes Reeweg-Schild
  • Johannes Schild: A German actor from Berlin
  • Paul Schild: An Austrian playwright
  • Leo Schild: A German rower who competed in the 1948 Summer Olympics
  • Luiseven Schild: A Dutch writer and producer, known for films like De Gouden Hamer and Liefde.
  • Hugo Schild: A Jewish German industrialist who migrated to Britain to escape Nazism
  • Jule Schild: An Austrian cinematographer, who was known for his pioneering work in color photography
  • Marlies Schild: An Austrian alpine ski racer, specializing in slalom and giant slalom
  • Rudolf Schild: A German engineer, whose work was instrumental in the development of thrusters used in spacecraft

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