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Surname Schilinsky - Meaning and Origin

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Schilinsky: What does the surname Schilinsky mean?

The last name Schilinsky is an Ashkenazic Jewish surname, derived from the Polish and Yiddish word shtil, meaning "quiet". The surname may also have been derived from the German word schillern, meaning "to glitter" or "glance". It is likely that the original bearer of the surname was a tradesman or worker attached to the nobility or an affluent merchant.

The surname may be related to the surname Schilling, which is also of Ashkenazic origin. The Schilling surname was likely derived from the Hebrew word shalom, meaning peace, or from the Yiddish shuln, meaning to turn around.

Schilinsky is a common Jewish surname found throughout Eastern Europe. It is likely that most people with this name descend from individuals who lived in Poland, Lithuania, and Ukraine, likely in the 19th century.

Today, the illustrious Schilinsky family includes Russian cellist Mstislav Rostropovich, movie producer Arthur Schilinsky, and American masters track and field athlete George Schilinsky. Thus, the Schilinsky surname carries with it a legacy of talented personages from various walks of life.

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Schilinsky: Where does the name Schilinsky come from?

The surname Schilinsky is most frequently associated with East Prussia, a historical region of Germany that is now part of modern-day Russia and Lithuania. However, it is far from uncommon to find families bearing this surname in locations around the world today.

In the United States, for example, Schilinsky is a relatively common last name among immigrants from East Prussia and their descendants. In states like North Dakota, the name is particularly common, surprising considering the area's more general association with German surnames. There is also an active community of Schilinskys in South America, especially in Argentina, and a number of prominent families from East Prussia who later moved to Western Europe, especially France and the United Kingdom.

The name is particularly common among Ashkenazi Jews, a group that includes people of Eastern European and Middle Eastern descent. Schilinsky was historically a common name among the Yiddish-speaking Jewish population, likely derived from the Hebrew word zchilin, meaning “branch” or “fleece”. It is also thought to have originated as a patronymic name, referring to a person’s father or ancestor.

Overall, the name Schilinsky is not uncommon today and can be found in many parts of the world. Its global reach is due largely to migratory patterns in modern history, allowing families from East Prussia to spread across the globe.

Variations of the surname Schilinsky

The surname Schilinsky is of Polish and Ashkenazic Jewish (Eastern European) origin. It is a derived from the toponym ‘Schilin’, which is derived from ‘Schilin’, a settlement in Poland. It is also known in various spelling variants including Schilinski, Schilensky, Schylinsky, Schilinskij, Schilencky, Shylinski, Schalinsky and Schiliner.

This surname may also be found in the form of 'Szyliński', which is the more common modern Polish spelling for the surname. This surname is also known as the Jewish name Schilinsky, a variation of the original surname.

There are several other surnames of similar origin, including Schilensky, Schilenky, Shylinski, Schylinsky, Schalinsky, and Schiliner. These could either be derived from the Schilin settlement in Poland, or are surnames arising from a patronymic meaning ‘son of Shilin’.

This surname has also been found in non-Jewish contexts, indicating that it was not exclusively used by Jews. It has been noted as early as 1780 as a Kreisgebiet (county-level) name in the eastern Prussian province of Masovia.

As the surname Schilinsky is of European origin, it is possible to find the surname in all regions of the world descended from a family of European origin. This would include North America, South Africa, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Famous people with the name Schilinsky

  • Marley Schilinsky: composer and producer based in Los Angeles.
  • Nathan Schilinsky: Canadian ice hockey player currently playing in the Elite Ice Hockey League for the Fife Flyers.
  • John Schilinsky: digital media producer based in San Francisco.
  • Jón Schilinsky: Icelandic philosopher and physics professor.
  • Vincent Schilinsky: Austrian-American artist best-known for his nature and landscape artwork.
  • Kedrick Schilinsky: Swedish-American musician specializing in instrumental guitar.
  • Joshua Schilinsky: international award-winning journalist and media critic.
  • Bruce Schilinsky: noted experimental airship designer and aeronautical engineer.
  • Kira Schilinsky: first female pilot in the world to fly an all-female formation flight.
  • Kamilla Schilinsky: prominent Swedish architect and urban planner.

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