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Surname Schilinski - Meaning and Origin

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Schilinski: What does the surname Schilinski mean?

The last name Schilinski is of German origin and its meaning is the ‘son of Schilin’. It is a patronymic surname, which is a name created from the father’s name, and it suggests the descendants are from the Schilin family tree. Most likely, the name Schilin is derived from the Latin word sillum, which translates to ‘protection’. This would imply the Schilin family was known for providing protection to their family members and friends. Potentially, the name is associated with smaller towns (‘Shlinah’) in Ukraine or Russia. It is also possible the name may be related to Slavic terms for ‘peace’, ‘cut off’, or ‘shelter’.

The name has been recorded as numerous variations including Schilin, Szilinsky, Szilinskyy, Schilynsky, and Schilynskyi. Today, those with the surname Schilinski are found throughout the world in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Poland, and Russia. Given its Germanic roots, it is most popular in German-speaking countries.

Since its creation, the Schilinski name has maintained its meaning of ‘protection’ and ‘safety’. It is still a popular surname in many countries and has come to represent the pride and strength of the Schilin family.

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Schilinski: Where does the name Schilinski come from?

The last name Schilinski is predominantly found in Germany and Poland today. German records have indicated the name dates back to at least the 16th century. There is a particularly large presence in the state of Bavaria.

In Germany, the name has spread through the Rhineland, to Silesia, Prussia, and Hesse. The earliest documented presence of the name comes from the Hameln area of Lower Saxony. It is likely that the Schilinski name was transplanted from Poland to Germany during the migration of the Germanic people in the early Middle Ages.

The surname is recorded in Poland as early as the 14th century, where it was originally used to describe a resident of the village of Szulczyn. This hamlet is located in the south-east corner of the country, just south of present-day Belarus. Polish records show Schilinski to be a fairly uncommon surname there, with the largest presence found in Mazowieckie, followed by Łódź, and Lubuskie.

The name is still prevalent in Germany and Poland today. In both nations, it is most often found among the descendants of those whose families have remained in the same locations for many generations. With a few exceptions, it does not appear to have spread significantly to other countries.

Variations of the surname Schilinski

The surname Schilinski is of German, Jewish or Polish origin. Variants of this surname include Schilinsky, Schliinski, Schleenky, Schleinsky, Schleinitz and Schleenski. The Jewish variant of this surname is often spelled Schilin or Schilensky.

The surname Schilinski is likely derived from the German word ‘schiller’, which means ‘to shine’. It is likely the surname started out as a descriptive nickname for someone who was particularly bright and shiny, or a person who worked with metal. Alternatively, the surname may have originally been derived from an old German personal name, such as Schilder, which can be translated to ‘shield’.

Among the various spellings of the surname, Schilinski appears to be the most common form of the surname. Similarly, among the different surnames of the same origin, Schilensky appears to be the most popular variant of the surname.

The most widespread distribution of the surname Schilinski is in Poland, followed by Russia, Germany, Ukraine, United States, Belarus, Argentina, Lithuania, Israel and Canada.

Famous people with the name Schilinski

  • Petra Schilinski: Petra is a German singer, songwriter, and actress best known for her roles in musicals such as Jesus Christ Superstar and Romeo and Juliet.
  • Moritz Schilinski: A German photographer and filmmaker, Moritz is best known for his award-winning photo series ‘Portraits of Europe’.
  • Jean-Michel Schilinski: Jean-Michel is a French actor, well-known for playing the lead role in the film The Great Challenge, which earned him several awards.
  • Anke Schilinski: A German film director and producer, Anke is best known for her award-winning documentary ‘Women in a Changing World’.
  • Claus Schilinski: Claus is a German author and screenwriter, winner of the Bavarian Film Prize for his work ‘Dreambot’.
  • Heidi Schilinski: Heidi is an award-winning Austrian sculptor, known for her large, bronze sculptures.
  • John Schilinski: An American author and film director, John is best known for his novel ‘The Do Over’.
  • Linda Schilinski: Linda is a Polish actress and director, best known for her films ‘Beautiful Music’ and ‘The Interview’.
  • Michael Schilinski: A German businessman and investor, Michael is the founder of several venture capital funds.
  • Peter Schilinski: Peter is a German architect and urban designer, well-known for his innovative landscape designs.

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