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Surname Schilke - Meaning and Origin

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Schilke: What does the surname Schilke mean?

Schilke is a German surname believed to have been derived from several possible origins. It might come from the Middle High German "Schelch", meaning a shell or shield, thus possibly indicating that the original bearers of the surname were shield makers or armorsmiths. It could also have been a nickname for someone with a protective personality. Another potential source is the name "Schalk", meaning a trickster or joker, which would hint at a person with such attributes. Like many surnames, it's likely geographical, based on a place-name where the original bearers lived or owned land. However, the concrete origin and meaning could vary, as surnames in Germany were adopted for different reasons and widely vary regionally. Other variations of this surname include Schilka, Schilk, Schelke, and more. Please note that the exact meaning of the surname Schilke can be challenging to trace due to the changes in language and spelling over centuries.

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Schilke: Where does the name Schilke come from?

The last name Schilke is most commonly found in the United States, with Germany being the second most popular country for the surname. Based on census records, the most concentrated area of Schilkes today are in Wisconsin and Michigan, with Pennsylvania and New York being next in line.

In the United States, the surname Schilke is distributed mainly in the Midwest with the highest concentration in Wisconsin, where it ranks 78th in popularity among all other surnames. Next up is Michigan, followed by Pennsylvania, New York, and Illinois. These states are most likely where the surname originated from and is still located in the most numbers today.

In Europe, the last name Schilke is most commonly found in Germany. According to records, the country is most likely where the surname originated and it currently ranks 6th in popularity among all other surnames. Other countries where this name appears in Europe includes France, Poland, Denmark, Hungary, and Norway; however, the surname is much less common in these places compared to Germany.

It is possible that the surname Schilke might have a dual origin, derived from both Germany and the United States. However, the most common places of origin for the surname are the Midwest states in the United States, with Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania being the places with the highest concentrations of Schilke’s today.

Variations of the surname Schilke

The surname Schilke has several alternate spelling and variants all related to the same origin. Primarily, the most common variants of Schilke include Spellman, Schallman, Schielke, Shalke, Schalke, Schulke, and Schulke.

In some cases, the surname Schilke is also spelled as Schilkey or Shilkey when German immigrants arrived in the United States. This variant is typically found in Midwestern America with roots in Alsace-Lorraine.

In addition to the variant spellings of Schilke, other surnames of similar origin include Schillke, Schilling, Schaller, Schilcher, Schulker, Schoultz, and Scheelke. These surnames are derived from a German-American »Schilling« and are mainly found in the western United States, in California, Arizona, Alaska, and Oregon.

Furthermore, several surnames have derived from the Schilke name, including Schilken, Schiller, Schillinger, Schilette, and Schilkenbaum. All of these names are related to the core Schilke surname and are typically found in the United States in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois.

Overall, the surname Schilke has many variants, spellings, and related surnames that all derive from the same origin.

Famous people with the name Schilke

  • Maurice Schilke: music professor, trumpet virtuoso, and renowned classical trumpet soloist.
  • Mark Schilke: Recording engineer and Grammy Award winning producer.
  • Reinhard Schilke: German pilot who was one of the first people to fly a powered aircraft through the infamous “Triangle of Death”.
  • Ingrid Schilke: Pianist, singer, and German film actress.
  • Jackie Schilke: Olympic track and field athlete and bronze medalist in the heptathlon.
  • Andy Schilke: Professional snowboarder and competitive big air skier.
  • Frida Schilke: German children’s author and illustrator.
  • Bernhard Schilke: Art professor and expressionist painter.
  • Daniel Schilke: Lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for the German punk band “Krautrock”.
  • Hans Schilke: German-American composer, orchestrator, arranger, and flautist.

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