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Surname Schiller - Meaning and Origin

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F. Schiller

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Schiller: What does the surname Schiller mean?

Schiller is a German surname that originated from the Middle High German word "schilher," which translates to "jester" or "one who makes noise." So, in a literal sense, it could imply a person who is amusing or entertaining. However, the surname Schiller is famous globally primarily due to the renowned German poet, philosopher, physician, historian, and playwright Friedrich Schiller. His contributions to literature and dramatic theory have had a profound influence, especially in Germany, where many schools and public places are named after him. The significance of the name Schiller is often associated with the areas of literature, philosophy, and drama, reflecting Friedrich Schiller's legacy. It is important to note that individuals carrying this surname may or may not be directly related or have any connection to Friedrich Schiller.

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Schiller: Where does the name Schiller come from?

The last name Schiller is most common in German-speaking countries, including Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. According to the 2019 United States census, it was the 831st most common last name in the country. Schillers can also be found in parts of the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Russia, as well as other countries with German immigration such as the United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, and South Africa.

The Schiller family name can be traced back to 13th-century Bavaria, and likely originates from the German word for shield,schild. It's possible that the earliest Schillers were shield makers or warriors.

Throughout the centuries, Schillers have left a lasting mark on the world. Notable Schillers include the German literary giant, Friedrich Schiller, and the German scientist Wilhelm Schiller. Lesser-known but significant Schiller figures include Klaus Schiller, who created the teddy bear, and Schiller bicycles, which were popular in 1950-60s Britain.

Today, the Schiller name is still alive and well, with many modern Schillers in various parts of the world. They may not all be as celebrated as their ancestors, but their legacy lives on.

Variations of the surname Schiller

The surname Schiller is a German-language surname that dates back to the Middle Ages. The German root is "schillen," which means "to combat" or "fight," and the name could have been used to designate someone who fought in a military unit.

The variants of Schiller are Schillers, Schillerr, Schillerer, Schillerre, Shiller, Shillers, Shiler, Shillers, Shillerer, Shillerre, Schill, Schillers, Schillinger, Schilling, Schillingerr, Schillingerre, Schillings, Shill, Shills, Shilling, Shillinger, Shillinngerr, and Shillingerre.

The surname Schiller can also be spelled as Skiller, Skillerman, Skillers, Skiller, Shiller, Shueller, Schoulder, Schuller, Sheller, Shellerer, Schoeller, Scheller, Skellar, Shelbyer, Shellerr, Skillern, Schillen, Schillenr, Schillener, Schillenre, and Schuller.

Surnames that are related to Schiller include Schulman, Schulmann, Schuller, Sheller, Shiller, Shulman, Schliman, Schleman, Shleman, Sillman, and Shulman.

There is also a spelling variant of Schiller that includes two 'L’s, and this is spelled as Schilllerr or Schilllerre. Similarly, there is another spelling variant of Schiller with two 'L’s that includes a 'Y' instead of an 'I', and this is spelled as Schylllerr or Schylllerre.

Overall, the surname Schiller has many variants and spellings, as well as related surnames that all share a common origin.

Famous people with the name Schiller

  • Friedrich Schiller (1759-1805): German poet, playwright, and philosopher who wrote classic works such as Don Carlos, Wilhelm Tell, and Die Räuber. His works have had an important influence on theatre and culture for over 200 years.
  • Thomas Schiller (born 1944): German actor, director, and writer whose career spans more than six decades, including performing as the Count of Monte Cristo in the 1975 television mini-series and many stage productions.
  • John Schiller (born 1960): American entrepreneur and investor who co-founded the tech-startup Nompany. He's also a noted philanthropist, with numerous donations and endowments in education and preservation of historic sites.
  • Edward Schiller (born 1959): American actor who gained recognition for his performance in concert in 1978. Since then, he has appeared in several television shows and films such as The butler, Roomers, and Bewitched.
  • Viktor Schiller (1918-1987): Austrian lawyer and resistance fighter who became a major figure in the Austrofascism of the 1930s. He later became a key figure in the Austrian independence movement of the 1950s.
  • Ludwig Schiller (1895-1972): German physician and Nazi official best remembered as one of the leading eugenics practitioners in Germany during the Nazi era. After the war, he was prosecuted for crimes against humanity.
  • Andrew Schiller (born 1976): American software developer who founded the Locationary, an app that helps businesses manage their location data. He has been listed as one of Forbes “30 Under 30.”
  • Johann Friedrich Schiller (1676-1739): German baroque composer whose works included symphonies, concertos, sacred and secular cantatas, and various other pieces. His works were particularly popular during the 18th century.

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