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Surname Scholder - Meaning and Origin

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Scholder: What does the surname Scholder mean?

The surname Scholder is of German origin and like many German surnames, it is job-related. The name Scholder typically refers to a person who was a tax collector, and comes from the Old High German word "sculd" which means "debt" or "guilt". Therefore, a Scholder would refer to an individual who collected these debts on behalf of the local authority. This profession was usually performed by someone of significant standing in the community since it involved dealing with money and confidences. As surnames evolved and passed down through generations, many people who bear this surname today might not have any connection to their ancestors' profession. It should also be noted that spellings of surnames can often change over centuries and may periodically have been spelled "Schulder" or "Sholder". The meanings of names can also alter slightly throughout different regions and dialects.

Scholder: Where does the name Scholder come from?

The last name Scholder is rarely found today, but is far more common in certain countries. In Germany, there are more than 3,000 people who bear the surname Scholder, making it one of the most common surnames in the country. The surname is also popular in Austria, where there are more than 500 people with the last name Scholder.

In the United States, the surname Scholder is much less common, but still has a significant presence with over 300 people bearing the name. Many of those who have the surname in the United States are descendants of German immigrants who arrived in the 19th century, and so the surname is still found in certain parts of the country where German communities are present, such as in Pennsylvania and Minnesota.

The surname Scholder is now beginning to spread even further afield, with the family name starting to appear in other regions, such as India. In India, there are already more than 300 people with the surname Scholder, with many of them descended from German immigrants who arrived over the last few decades.

Altogether, it is clear to see that the surname Scholder is still present in various countries around the world, indicating that its presence has spread far over the centuries. In particular, the surname is most common in Germanic regions, where its popularity has remained the same since it first appeared.

Variations of the surname Scholder

The surname Scholder is a German surname that has many variants, spellings, and other variations. These spellings and variants include Scholder, Scholldorfer, Scholldorf, Schöller, Schöldorf, Scholdorff, Schöldorfer, Schöldfel, Scholdt, Scholtz, and Scholthaus. In some cases, the name can also be found spelled as Schoelder, Schöllahl, Schollal, Scholold, Schölan, Scholz, Scholt, and Scholten.

In some cases, the name may also be spelled as Shoolders or as Scholders, having possibly come from the Dutch form of the name.

In addition, some variants of the name Scholder have also adopted names such as Scholdermeir, Scholderheim, Scholderhaus, Scholderczyk, Scholdermann, Scholderle, Scholdersum, Scholderberg, and even Scholdertz.

These variants are mostly due to a combination of migration, linguistic differences, and dialect change, where Scholder itself is the more standard version of the name. Nevertheless, all the spellings and surnames originating from Scholder are related both by origin and given name.

Famous people with the name Scholder

  • Fritz Scholder (1937: 2005): A Native American painter who changed the landscape of modern American Indian Art.
  • Erich Scholder (1947: 2017): An Austrian neurosurgeon, biologist, and researcher.
  • Lorne Scholder (1930: 2014): A Canadian musician, singer, songwriter and bandleader.
  • Diana Scholder (1923: 2020): An American photographer.
  • Robert Scholder (1916: 2005): A Swiss-born American sheet-metal worker.
  • Phil Scholder (1936: 2011): An American television producer.
  • Bernhard Scholder (1880-1956): An Austrian pianist, composer, and conductor.
  • Karl Scholder (1912: 1985): A German art publisher, publisher of the New Objectivity movement.
  • Julia Scholder (1900: 1983): A German actress.
  • Roy Scholder (1921: 2002): An American football player.
  • Ulrich Scholder (1948: 2008): A German politician and entrepreneur.
  • Eric Scholder (1921: 2001): A German author.
  • Matthias Scholder (1927: 2015): An Austrian physicist.
  • Werner Scholder (1919: 2003): A German composer and conductor.
  • William Scholder (1948: 2018): An American military pilot.

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