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Surname Scholderer - Meaning and Origin

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Scholderer: What does the surname Scholderer mean?

The surname Scholderer is of German origin, but its exact meaning is not clearly defined. In German, "scholder" translates to "shoulder" and could possibly refer to a characteristic of an ancestor, such as broad or strong shoulders. However, it's more likely that the name is occupational, derived from some role associated with a "scholder" or holder - a person holding a certain position or responsibility. Surnames often evolved from nicknames referring to a personal characteristic, trade, location or other descriptor of an individual or family in the Middle Ages. Therefore, without specific historical context or records, it's challenging to distinctly define the meaning of the last name Scholderer. Also, it's crucial to note that surnames and their meanings could have had regional variations and interpretations over time. The surname is quite rare, and its historical use is mainly found in regions of Germany.

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Scholderer: Where does the name Scholderer come from?

The last name Scholderer is most common in the region of Germany known as the Palatinate, or Pfalz, which is located in the southwestern part of the country. This region includes the states of Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland, but can also include parts of Baden-Württemberg, Hesse, and the Saarland.

The surname is believed to originate from a place called Scholder, although today the area is not known to exist. Its earliest known records date back to 1576 in Hockenheim located in southwestern Palatinate. Surname records from that era bear the names of Jacob Scholderer and Georg Scholderer, suggesting that the family may have been of noble origin.

The last name has been carried over from Palatine emigrants to the United States. Various branches of the family can be found in America today. Scholderer descendants are found in Pennsylvania, Ohio, California, North Carolina, and Louisiana, among other states.

The surname is less common today, however some countries in the world can still be found in Europe and North America. In 1995, there were 3,310 Scholderer families in Germany, and 1,765 in the United States. Today, the last name Scholderer is still carried by people around the world, a reminder of the family's heritage to the Palatinate region in Germany.

Variations of the surname Scholderer

The surname Scholderer is of German origin and is derived from the scholderen, an old German occupational term referring to a seller of hides. The variants, spellings and surnames related to the Scholderer surname include Scholterer, Schalderer, Scholder, Scholds, Schalder, Skolderer, Skaulterer, Skaulderer, Skold, and Skauld.

The Scholderer surname has an extensive history and is believed to have originated from the Rhineland and the Mid-Franconian region of Germany. The earliest known record of this surname dates back to the early 1700s in South Germany and the Palatinate areas. The Clan Scholderer is one of the oldest and oldest-known clans of Germany and can be traced back to the Middle Ages.

Many of the variants of Scholderer are derived from the same root element, scholderen, but with slight variations in spelling. For example, Scholterer is derived from scholdern and Schalderer is derived from schallderen. Scholder is derived from the German word scholderei, meaning to wrinkle or grind.

An alternate spelling of Scholder is Scholds, which is also derived from the German root word, scholderei. It is believed that the Scholderer family moved to the United States in the mid-nineteenth century to begin a new life. The Schalderer surname is also prominent in America and is believed to have been changed from Scholderer upon entering the United States.

The variants and surnames associated with Scholderer are evidence of the family’s extensive history and migration throughout Europe and the United States. The different spellings of this surname offer insight into its evolution and how it has been affected by geographical and linguistic changes over time.

Famous people with the name Scholderer

  • André Schölderer: a German former football player.
  • Jens Schölderer: a German film producer and actor.
  • Eva Schölderer: a German actress and theatre director.
  • Friedrich Schölderer: an Austrian diplomat and politician.
  • Bruno Schölderer: a German film director and scriptwriter.
  • Ferdinand Schölderer: a German chemist and pharmacist.
  • Helmut Schölderer: an Austrian composer and pianist.
  • Hartmut Schölderer: a German dendrologist and botanist.
  • Anton Schölderer: a German civil engineer and professor.
  • Andreas Schölderer: a German actor and film producer.
  • Markus Schölderer: a German judge and publicist.
  • Hans-Günther Schölderer: a German roller hockey player and coach.
  • Alex Schölderer: an Austrian former ski jumper.

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