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Surname Schöller - Meaning and Origin

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Schöller: What does the surname Schöller mean?

The German surname Schöller originates from the Old Germanic word “Schul”, which means “school”, and thus is an occupational name for someone who was a school teacher. The spelling of the surname has also varied over time, such as Sholler, Schoeller, Scholler, Schoeler, Schulle etc.

The Schöller surname can be found mainly in areas of Germany where it is thought to have its first origins - parts of Bavaria, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It is also said to have spread to parts of Eastern Europe and even America in the 19th century, where those immigrants brought the surname with them.

The Schöller surname can, however, have multiple spellings and can sometimes be difficult to trace through history. In some cases, it is also written as Schöll, Schöllen or Schölll, as well as various other spellings. Thus tracing the Schöller family lines can be quite a challenge, but with further research and lucky finds, the surname can be documented back further in time.

In conclusion, the Schöller surname is a German occupational name for someone who was a school teacher, although the surname can vary in spellings and therefore tracing the family lines can sometimes be difficult. The surname has spread from Mainland Europe to America during the 19th century with the immigrants who travelled to make a new life for themselves.

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Schöller: Where does the name Schöller come from?

The last name Schöller is primarily found in Germany. Roughly 28,000 people carry the Schöller last name in this country. Estimates for other countries include 1,100 in the United States and a small number in the United Kingdom and Canada.

People who carry the Schöller last name are information that can be traced sin.ce the 12th century. Some records indicate that the name is German in origin, while others suggest potential Celtic influence. The 'ö' in the name is an umlaut, a distinction of romanticized German.

The last name Schöller is an occupational surname, which means its history can be traced to the meaning of the name itself. The name likely stems from the German word for 'scoopmaker', similar to other last names related to the work profession including Kühler (cooler), Müller (miller) and Böller (splitter).

Schöller is also a German-speaking place name, located in the state of Lower Saxony. It's quite likely that the last name Schöller originated from the village, with families taking on the last name to distinguish themselves as inhabitants of the township.

Today, the surname Schöller can mainly be found in Germany with a few other scattered mentions in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada.

Variations of the surname Schöller

The surname Schöller is derived from the German word “scholl”, which means shoemaker or cobbler. This surname was used in various regions of Germany prior to the 18th century and remains common among German-speaking peoples today.

Variants of the name Schöller include Scholler, Schöler, Sholler, Shöller, Shöler, and Schoeller.

In addition to these variants, the name may also be spelled differently depending on the dialect of German spoken. This includes the spellings Scheller, Sheller, Schüller, and Schueller.

The surnames Söhle, Söll, Söhl, and Soll may also stem from the same German origin as Schöller.

The surnames from this same origin may also have several variants, depending on the region of the world in which the name is used. This includes Schneller, Schneider, and Schulte in the Netherlands, Scholle in Belgium, and Shooler in the United States.

Additionally, the Surname Schöller may have been used differently in some parts of Europe, with some families reverting to their original surnames. These include the Scottish name Schaw, Schohle in Austria, and Schulter or Scholtz in Poland.

In conclusion, the surname Schöller has multiple spellings and variants. Additionally, it has several surnames of the same origin in various countries.

Famous people with the name Schöller

  • Erwin Schöller: Erwin Schöller, born on June 14th 1923, was a German actor and television presenter. He featured in several popular films and television programs in the 1950s and 1960s.
  • Donald Schöller: Donald Schöller is an American businessman and co-founder of the Biometric Security Solutions business. He served as the head of business operations during the 2000s.
  • Friedel Schöller: Friedel Schöller was a German track and field athlete. He achieved national success, winning several Championship titles in 1954-55 and setting a German record in the decathlon at the 1958 European Championships.
  • Valerian von Schöller: Valerian von Schöller was a German classical composer and organist, who was active in the mid-1800s. He composed a number of symphonies, operas, concertos, masses, and other works.
  • ... Erich Schöller: Erich Schöller was a German bureaucrat and politician from the 1880s to the 1930s. He served as mayor of Berlin and later as Reich Minister of Posts.
  • Franz Schöller: Franz Schöller was a German sculptor, working primarily in Rhineland in the mid-1700s. He is known for his works depicting religious figures as well as the Elector of Mainz.
  • Vilma Schöller: Vilma Schöller was a German-born soprano opera singer, active in the early 1900s. She performed with several opera companies around the world in her lifetime.
  • Waldemar Schöller: Waldemar Schöller was a German painter and art teacher from the 1800s. He mainly produced highly detailed paintings depicting landscapes and still-life subjects.
  • Gunnar Schöller: Gunnar Schöller was a Swedish architect, active in the mid-1900s. He is known for his early modernist works, particularly the Folköpings town hall and the Örbyhus school.
  • Franz-Friedrich Schöller: Franz-Friedrich Schöller was an Austrian translator and broadcaster, active from the 1940s to the 1970s. He translated numerous works from German to English.

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