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Surname Schöpfle - Meaning and Origin

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Schöpfle: What does the surname Schöpfle mean?

The last name Schöpfle is a German name that can be found primarily in southern Germany. It is derived from a medieval profession of "Schöpfle" meaning scooper. During this time, the Schöpfle occupation was responsible for removing grains such as wheat, barley, and oats from the field after harvesting and before threshing. The Schöpfle would also gather the hay in the barns and transport the grain to the nearest location for sale or storage.

The family name first appears in the 12th Century according to records by German historians, and in 1474, the first bearer of the last name Schöpfle is mentioned in a tax record in Württemberg. The name is also known in the nearby regions of Franconia, Bavaria, and Hesse.

In some cases, the last name Schöpfle has been modified to other spellings such as Schoepfle, Schoepfel, Schoepffer, Schoeppel, and Shope. Generally speaking, the most accepted spelling is Schöpfle.

The name Schöpfle is still found today in the southern region of Germany, and in areas with German heritage such as Europe, the United States, and South America. It is also found in Canada where a large number of people of German ancestry immigrated in the 19th century.

This last name, like many other German last names, can be an indicator of German heritage, and can be used to trace family roots and provide a link to the past.

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Schöpfle: Where does the name Schöpfle come from?

The German surname Schöpfle is most commonly found in southeastern Germany today. It is primarily concentrated in and around the modern-day state of Bavaria, particularly in the cities of Munich and Nuremberg.

The surname is derived from the German verb "schöpfen", meaning to ladle, scoop or draw out. It may have originally referred to an individual who worked as a ladler of water, or even a water-carrier. It may also be a variant of the more common German name Schöpf, which has the same meaning.

The surname is found in records dating back to the 12th Century in many parts of Southern Germany. During this time, the coat of arms of the Schöpf family included a red shield with three gold ladles, which was later expanded to four. This was likely to signify the family’s tradition of recovering goods from the river, or conducting other ladling or scooping tasks.

Today, Schöpfle is also a popular given name in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Unlike other surnames it is still in use primarily in the regions where it originated and is relatively rare in other parts of the world.

Variations of the surname Schöpfle

The surname Schöpfle is a German name with many variations and alternative spellings that have arisen from dialectical and linguistic variations. The variations of the Schöpfle surname include Schoepfle, Schopfle, Schoepfel, Schoepffel, Schoepfler, Schoepfeler, Schopfler, Schopfeler, and Schopffeler.

The surname Schöpfle is derived from a Germanic word that means "the source," or a bowl-shaped scoop used to gather grain, and is often reflective of someone who lives near grain fields, or a scooper or harvester of the grain. Because of this meaning, the Schöpfle surname also carries the additional surname varieties of Schöps, Scoopfle, Schoops, Schops, Schopps, and Schoeps.

In addition, the Schöpfle surname is also commonly found in various anglicized forms, such as Schopf, Schupp, Schuppe, Schouppe, Schuepfle, Shupp, Choup, Shoepfle, Shoppe, Schoupfle, Shoup, Shopp, Shoups, and Schoups.

Overall, the Schöpfle surname is a Germanic-derived name that carries various spelling and linguistic variations and anglicized forms, all of which evolved from its original purpose of signifying someone who lives near grain fields or someone who scoops grain.

Famous people with the name Schöpfle

  • Fritz Schöpfle: German pharmaceutical chemist and professor at the Technical University Munich.
  • Helmut Schöpfle: German banker and former head of the Swiss Credit Suisse First Boston.
  • Alfred Schöpfle: German lawyer, who died in 1931 after a 14 year sentence in a mental institution without ever having committed a crime.
  • Steffi Schöpfle: German football coach and former player.
  • Elena Schöpfle: Austrian former alpine skier who competed in the 2002 Winter Olympics.
  • Günther Schöpfle: German conman who was convicted multiple times.
  • Elisabeth Schöpfle: Austrian journalist and film producer.
  • Gabi Schöpfle: German author and journalist.
  • Wolfgang Schöpfle: Austrian composer and music producer.
  • Florian Schöpfle: Austrian entrepreneur and founder of the company LIFUMO MODAfashion.
  • Wolfgang Schöpfle: Automobile engineer and warehouse manager.
  • Heidrun Schöpfle: Austrian businesswoman and former economy expert.
  • Andrea Schöpfle: German nurse and biologist.
  • Hans Schöpfle: German philosopher and professor.

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