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Surname Schöpflin - Meaning and Origin

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Schöpflin: What does the surname Schöpflin mean?

The last name Schöpflin is an occupational surname derived from the German language. It is derived from the Middle High German word “schopf” meaning spoon and refers to someone who produces spoons for a living, such as a silversmith or craftsman who works with silver and other metals. The surname was first found in parts of south-central Europe, including Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France, Hungary, Italy, Poland, and Croatia.

The earliest known ancestor named with the Schöpflin surname lived in Konstanz in 1493, and the name spread throughout the region from there.Over time, the spelling of the name changed slightly, adapting to the particular region in which the family lived. For example, in Poland it is often spelled Skopijin, while in France it is Soufflien.

The Schöpflin surname is still found today in many different parts of Europe, and it is a reflection of the mobility of the people of that region in centuries past. By taking the name of their occupation with them as they traveled, the Schöpflins ensured that their name would live on and that their legacy would remain part of the fabric of Europe’s history.

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Schöpflin: Where does the name Schöpflin come from?

The last name Schöpflin is most common today in the German-speaking countries of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It is also present in bordering countries such as France, Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Czech Republic. In addition, the name is found throughout the United States, specifically in the Western and Midwestern states such as California, Illinois, and Kansas.

In Germany, Schöpflin is most heavily concentrated in the states of Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, and Saxony, with other concentrations in Berlin, Brandenburg, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, and Saarland. In Austria, the name is most common in Vienna, Burgenland, Salzburg, and Upper Austria. In Switzerland, it is most common in the cantons of Zurich, Aargau, and Bern.

According to the International Genealogical Index (IGI), the name dates back to at least as early as the 17th century. Johann Schöpflin, for example, was born in 1660 in Neuenheerse in Minden, North Rhine-Westphalia. He and his descendants were believed to have spread to other areas throughout Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, making his progeny the most likely source of today's Schöpflin population.

The sources of the name are unknown, though some people have commented on the resemblance to ‘Schöpfling’, which means ‘little spoon’ in German and is an old-fashioned term for a baby.

Variations of the surname Schöpflin

The surname Schöpflin is of German origin (originating from the Middle High German word “schopf,” meaning “basin” or “bowl”). Variants of the surname include Schoepfling, Schoepflin, Schopfling, and Schoepfing. This surname also has various spellings and surname derivations, such as Schöblein, Schöblein, Schooplein, Schoebel, Schoebeler, Schoebelin, Schöebling, Schoebler, Schoeflein, Schoetlin, Schoefling, Schoefeling, Schuetflein, Schuetfelinger, and Schoettel.

In the United States, Schöpflin is the name of a family of German immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania in the 18th century. A well-known bearer of this surname was Johannes Schöpflin (1760–1830), an American silversmith and engraver.

Schöpflin is an important surname not only in Europe but also in North America. There are people with this surname in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the United States, to name but a few countries. The surname of Schöpflin also appears in records in England, Scotland, and Ireland, as well as in South America and South Africa. The Schöpflin family name is also represented in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Famous people with the name Schöpflin

  • Georg Schöpflin (born 1949), a Hungarian politician, European Member of Parliament, and ethnologist
  • Ingo Schöpflin (born 1943), an Austrian ethnologist and Hungary expert
  • Ludvig Schöpflin de Szász (1763–1824), Hungarian knight and landowner
  • Julia Schöpflin (born 1973), a German sociologist and professor
  • Andreas Schöpflin (born 1951), an Austrian agronomist, journalist, and novelist
  • Stephen Schöpflin (born c. 1938), a British-American sociologist
  • Stephanie Schöpflin, an American political scientist, lecturer, and widlife photographer
  • Heinrich Schöpflin (1759-1820), German politician
  • Jakob Schöpflin (1719: 1769), Hungarian historian
  • Carl Christian Schöpflin (1768-1848), German theologian

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