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Surname Schöpple - Meaning and Origin

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Schöpple: What does the surname Schöpple mean?

The last name Schöpple is of German origin, derived from the Old German schoepfle, which was a word for a little ladle used for skimming or ladling liquid. As a surname, it is likely that the original bearer of the name was a person who worked in an occupation related to skimming or ladling liquids—examples that spring to mind are a beverage merchant, a cooper (barrel maker) or a brewer.

The Schöpple surname is found primarily in central and southern Germany, where the occupational meaning of the name is still recognized and respected. The surname also appears in Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, as well as in countries like Canada, the United States, Poland, Colombia, Mexico, Yugoslavia and the Netherlands where German immigrants settled.

Today, the Schöpple surname is believed to be a proud and noble one, since its German roots originate from an artisan who made his living by contributing to society. Authentic Schöpple families often proudly maintain some of their historic occupations or family associations, while others have moved through the ages and evolved into virtually any occupation that would benefit the family. However, the Schöpple name still carries with it a sense of honor, dignity, and dedication to a job well done.

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Schöpple: Where does the name Schöpple come from?

The surname Schöpple is most commonly found in Germany today. Evidence of this is found in the phone book for the town of Nürnberg in Bavaria, Germany, where Schöpple is the 168th most common surname. It is also found in a number of other towns and cities across the nation.

Schöpple is derived from the Middle High German language and translates to "one who scoops." This name could refer to those in the farming and fishing trades who transported goods. It may also have been given to those in craft trades who "scooped" metal with ladles to form small items.

It is unclear when the surname first emerged in Germany, but since the mid-1950s, it has become increasingly common. In the 1950s, there were around 8,000 people with the surname Schöpple in Germany. This number has likely grown significantly since then, but no records are available that record this growth.

The surname is also quite common in other parts of Europe. However, fewer records are available for the continent as a whole. It appears that the surname is common in Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, although accurate estimates of numbers are unknown.

Finally, some people with the Schöpple surname have migrated to the United States over the years, with the most notable examples being the immigrants who arrived from Germany in the mid-1800s. Today, Schöpple is most common in the Midwest region of the United States.

Overall, the last name Schöpple is most commonly found today in Germany, although there are also small numbers in other parts of Europe and the United States.

Variations of the surname Schöpple

The surname Schöpple is part of the large group of surnames through Europe that are derived from the ancient word “schof”, which means “shopkeeper”. This name has many variations including, Schöpflin, Schopplin, Schopf, Schuppel, Schuppell, Schoppel, Schoppen, Schöppen, Schoppe, Schoepfer, Schoph, Schopfel, Schopplin, Schoppling, Schopfle, Schopflin, Schoppenlin, and Schoepflin.

Schopfle, or Schopfel, is a German surname that derived from an ancient word meaning “worker in a workshop”. It could be linked to someone who worked as a woodsmith or metalworker, and it is believed to have originated in the Middle Ages. It is also found in Switzerland and Austria.

Schopplin, or Schoppenlin, is a German variant of the Schöpple surname. This variant is believed to have originated from a person who worked in a shop or in retail.

Schuppel, Schoppel, and Schoppen are all German surnames derived from the same root word meaning shopkeeper. These surnames were typically given to those who sell goods from a store.

Schöppen is a variant of the Schöpple surname that is believed to have originated in Germany. This surname is usually found in Prussian regions.

Schopf and Schoph are Germanic variants of the surname Schöpple that are found in several territories of Germany and Austria.

Finally, Schoepfer is an alternative German spelling of the Schöpple surname which is found in both Austria and Germany.

Overall, the surname Schöpple has many variants, each with its own unique origin and meaning. Some variants are regional specific, while others are shared across a few different countries. All of these variations can be traced back to the ancient root meaning “shopkeeper” and can be identified by their similar spelling and pronunciation.

Famous people with the name Schöpple

  • Heinz Schöpple, German artist
  • Erwin Schöpple, German historian
  • Josef Schöpple, German tennis coach
  • Lukas Schöpple, Austrian bobsledder
  • Kurt Schöpple, German racing driver
  • Georg Schöpple, Swiss bobsledder
  • Frieder Schöpple, German writer
  • Stefan Schöpple, German author
  • Reiner Schöpple, German politician
  • Erika Schöpple, German opera singer
  • Wolfgang Schöpple, Swiss race car driver
  • Arnold Schöpple, Austrian skier
  • Eike Schöpple, German judoka
  • Oskar Schöpple, German air force pilot
  • Fred Schöpple, American snow skier
  • Karl Schöpple, German entrepreneur
  • Tina Schöpple, Spanish skater
  • Dirk Schöpple, German violinist
  • Hans Schöpple, German photographer
  • John Schöpple, Austrian bobsledder

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