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Surname Schöppler - Meaning and Origin

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Schöppler: What does the surname Schöppler mean?

The last name Schöppler is of German origin and historically was typically used to indicate an occupation. The name Schöppler was most likely derived from the German Schöppe, which means judge, bailiff, or assessor. In old-Germanic times, these individuals were appointed to make rulings and arbitrate disputes in court. Therefore, many people with the last name Schöppler were likely employed in these judicial roles.

The family name Schöppler is a common one and can be found in many regions of Europe, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Luxembourg. Census records show that it was particularly popular in the old southern regions of Germany, particularly in Bavaria and Rhineland-Palatinate.

In modern times, the name Schöppler does not typically refer to a particular role or profession. Instead, it is simply a family name and has become more widespread with time. Today, many people with the name Schöppler can be found scattered throughout Germany and other European countries. It is possible that some descendants of this family have spread to other countries outside of Europe, too.

Overall, the last name Schöppler is believed to have originated from Germanic times and most likely was used to indicate individuals who served in judicial roles. Today, the name is still common, but no longer necessarily associated with any particular occupation.

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Schöppler: Where does the name Schöppler come from?

The last name Schöppler is most commonly associated with Germany and the German-speaking parts of Europe. It is also found in Czechoslovakia, due to the more recent history of this region being part of the Holy Roman Empire. Within Germany, it is mainly found in the states of Hesse and Bavaria. This surname is relatively rare, however research indicates it may have originated in the area of Upper Bavaria, near Munich.

The name Schöppler is derived from the German word “Schöppler” meaning a “sieve maker”, which was a profession in medieval times. It is also believed that this last name derives from the ancient Germanic word for shepherd. This is because shepherds in those days used sieves. It is possible that one of the earliest people to bear the Schöppler surname was a shepherd.

Today, the last name Schöppler is still most commonly found in Germany, as well as Austria, Switzerland, and parts of northern Italy and France. It is not known to be a widespread surname, but it does have a significant presence in some communities. It is also occasionally found in other countries such as the United States, Canada, and Australia, due to the large population of people of German ancestry who immigrated there during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Variations of the surname Schöppler

The surname Schöppler originated in Germany and is a variant of the name "Schöpple". The Schöppler family name is found most commonly in parts of Central and Eastern Europe. It is derived from the old German word “schöppen”, which means to measure, scoop or ladle, and so Schöppler is derived to mean the one who measures or scoops.

The most common variants and spellings for the surname Schöppler include Schoepfler, Schöpfler, Schoepfle, Schoepfler, Schopfler, Schoppler, and Schopples. The surname Schöppler can also be found in other countries, including France and Switzerland, where it is sometimes spelled Schoppen or Schöppen.

Other variants and spellings of Schöppler that may be found in different countries include Scypfle, Schüpfle, Schöepflin, Schöffeler, Schapfeler, and Schiefer.

Surnames which share a similar origin as Schöppler are Schöftle, Schoetteler, Schottelius, Schöttlein, Schöpplin, Schöppel, Schöffel, Schöbel, Schöbinger, Schiebinger, Schiefer, and Schiefele.

In general, a variant of the surname of Schöppler could also just be a more localized form of the original name, such as the variant Schoppler, which is mainly found in the parts of Germany nearest to Austria.

Famous people with the name Schöppler

  • Axel Schöppler: German football player
  • Anja Schöppler: Austrian judoka
  • Hans Schöppler: German oppressive medication specialist
  • Andreas Schöppler: German artist-Professor
  • Jörg Schöppler: German engineer and World Champion Kitesurfer
  • Claus Schöppler: German railway engineer
  • Janne Schöppler: German long distance runner
  • Thorsten Schöppler: German Olympic swimmmer
  • Ralf Schöppler: German actor
  • Ernst Schöppler: German soldier, Wehrmacht general

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