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Surname Seagrott - Meaning and Origin

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Seagrott: What does the surname Seagrott mean?

The last name Seagrott is derived from the Old English words “sēag”, which means “sea”, and “rott”, which means “a clearing”. Together, these two words suggest that Seagrott family members may have resided near the sea or by a clearing within a wooded area near the shore; a combination of both would also be possible.

The Seagrott spelling could also trace back to the Middle English word “sagrot”, which means “salt marsh”. A salt marsh is a coastal plain that is naturally flooded with water. These spots were often places of refuge for travelers and mercantile mariners since these areas offered protection from the open sea and had a rich abundance of flora and fauna. It was also considered to be a prime fishing spot for certain types of fish.

Beyond this, Seagrott may also point to one particular geographical region. In the medieval county of Cheshire in the north of England, the name Seagrott can be found as an area of land. The township of Seagrott near Northwich was often referred to as a sufficient land with enough pastures, meadows, and pools for grazing livestock, and in the Domesday Book of 1086 it was noted as a vill.

No matter the origin, family members around the world who trace their ancestry back to the Seagrott name can be sure that their roots are steeped in the seaside and the land near it.

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Seagrott: Where does the name Seagrott come from?

The last name Seagrott is most common in England and the United Kingdom. It is particularly concentrated in the English counties of Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Gloucestershire, and Wiltshire. The prevalence of the Seagrott name in those areas may be due to a long ancestry, as records of the Seagrott name in the area date back to the 15th century. In modern times, Seagrottle is not a particularly widespread surname; it is found most often in the Northwest region and Wales.

As the Seagrott surname is not particularly common outside the UK, it is a safe assumption that the majority of people bearing the name in the 21st century are either British or have a British ancestry. This is evidenced by the fact that several Seagrott families have emigrated to places such as Canada, New Zealand, and Australia in the past few hundred years.

The Seagrott name likely derived from an ancestor who hailed from the area of Seagrott in Wiltshire. This area is now a housing estate in the city of Chippenham, and was likely the original homeland of the family.

As to why the Seagrott surname is concentrated in the aforementioned English counties, the answer is not conclusively known. However, records indicate that several Seagrott families had estates or businesses in or around Devon and Somerset during the Medieval period.

In conclusion, the Seagrott surname is largely concentrated in and around the English counties of Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Gloucestershire, and Wiltshire. It is likely derived from an ancestor who is believed to have hailed from a small area in Wiltshire where there is still a housing estate with the same name.

Variations of the surname Seagrott

The surname Seagrott is believed to have originated as an anglicized version of the Irish Knoergeaghra, which is derived from specific Irish Gaelic words. Variants of the spelling of this surname include Seagroat, Seagroate, Seagrotes, Seagrott, Seagrot, Seagrott, Seagrote, Seagrotes, Seegroat, Seegroate, Seegrot, Seegrote, Seegrotes, and Knoergeaghra.

The etymology of the surname Seagrott provides insight into its meaning. The Gaelic word’ "Knoor" means mare, and the Gaelic word "geaghra" is believed to mean "of the hill". Thus, the full meaning of the surname is "of the high mare".

Spelling variations of the surname Seagrott include Seegroat, Seegroate, Seegrot, Seegrote, Seegrotes, Seagroat, Seagroate, Seagrotes, Seagrott, Seagrot, Seagrote, and Knoergeaghra, all of which are believed to have the same origin. For instance, the variation "Knoergeaghra" is believed to be the anglicization of the Irish name "Cnuergeacht" or "Cnoergeacht".

Many variations of the surname Seagrott have been found in Irish records, as well as in other areas of the United Kingdom, including England, Scotland and Wales. Several websites provide further information about the origin and history of this surname, as well as insight into variations of the name.

Famous people with the name Seagrott

  • Mhairi Seagrott: Scottish actress known for her roles in Outlander and Stonemouth.
  • Ashleigh Seagrott: American stage actress best known for singing in the musical Chicago on Broadway.
  • Paul Seagrove: British actor and writer known for his roles in Little Dorrit, An Adventure in Space and Time and Edge of Darkness.
  • Simon Seagrott: English actor best known for his roles in Doc Martin and Wide Sargasso Sea.
  • Rob Seagrott: English actor best known for playing the role of John Cooper in the BBC television series Wallander.
  • Michael Seagrott: Canadian actor and writer, best known for his roles in Anne with an E, The Expanse, and XIII: The Series.
  • Harry Seagrott: British cinematographer and editor, known for his work on BBC series such as Human Planet and Saving the Titanic.
  • Tess Seagrott: Australian model, blogger, and social media influencer.
  • Dan Seagrott: English musician and frontman of the rock band The Levellers.
  • Rita Seagrott: Author and illustrator of picture books such as The Magic of a Wish and The Story of the Wild Huntress.

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