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Surname Seagroatt - Meaning and Origin

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Seagroatt: What does the surname Seagroatt mean?

The last name Seagroatt derives from the Old English words, 'seag', meaning sea, and 'roat', meaning track or path. The name likely referred to a person who owned, lived, or frequented an area near a coast or a beach. It could also have referred to someone who frequented a waterway in the area, or someone who made regular trips by boat.

The name has been in use in England since the Middle Ages, and the earliest recorded instances of its usage date back at least to the 1100s. Records existing from the 1400s to 1550s show the name appearing in various forms, e.g. 'Seagrath', 'Seagroatt', 'Seagroat', and 'Seagrotes'.

The presence of numerous variants of the name suggests a widespread occurrence, with people from different families and geographical locations adopting the name. The name could also have been used in other places as well, with variations evolving over time as families moved.

The use of the name Seagroatt in modern times has varied considerably, although it is widely believed to be more common as an Anglo-Saxon first name than as a surname. Consequently, it is unclear how many people today have this surname. Nevertheless, the name continues to evoke connections to its storied English roots and its historical associations with sea and water.

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Seagroatt: Where does the name Seagroatt come from?

The last name Seagroatt is most commonly seen today in England, particularly in the counties of Gloucestershire, Somerset, Wiltshire, and Dorset. However, the name has spread over the centuries to other countries such as Canada, the United States, and Australia.

The surname of Seagroatt is thought to have been first recorded in England in 1086. The earliest recorded ancestor of the Seagroatt surname was Isaac Seagroatt from Dorsett in 1643. This family likely originated from a village near Bath, Bristol in South West England.

The meaning and origin of a name can often be traced back to its origin. The meaning behind the last name Seagroatt is uncertain. However, it is possible the name originated from a combination of an Old English surname, such as Seagrove, which comes from the word seagro, meaning sea grass, and the suffix -at, meaning small.

Although the Seagroatt name is not considered to be particularly common today, the name has a rich history and deep-rooted heritage in England and continues to be seen in various countries around the world.

Variations of the surname Seagroatt

Seagroatt is a surname of English origin. Variants, spellings, and other surnames of the same origin include Seagar, Seagarrell, Seager, Seagar, Segear, Seger, Seggar, and Segarr.

Seagar is an old English variant of Seagroatt and is believed to have derived from the Old English personal name ‘Seager’. Seagarrell is an alternate form of Seagroatt that is related to Seagar and is commonly found in northwestern England.

Seager is believed to be a Patronymic surname meaning "son of Seager" and is believed to be derived from an Anglo-Saxon personal name. Seager is also believed to be derived from the Middle English word ‘segg’, which means ‘sword’, indicating that individuals with this name may have been swordsmen.

Segar is likely a dialect variant of Seagroatt or Seager that originated in Yorkshire. Segear is a variant of Seager, likely derived from the Old English word ‘saegere’ meaning ‘sea-warrior’. Seger is an altered form of the Old English name 'Segger' and may mean a strong spearman.

Seggar is also an altered form of the Old English surname Segger, likely derived from the Old Norse ‘Siger’ meaning ‘victorious’. Segarr is an alternate form of Seager that is most commonly found in the Westcountry of England.

Famous people with the name Seagroatt

  • Gordon Seagroatt: Former professional English footballer
  • Claude Seagroatt: Founder of Seagroatt and Ricards Estate Agents
  • Nathan Seagroatt: British entrepreneur and chairman of Peking Financial Group
  • Neil Seagroatt: Former rugby league player
  • Alan Seagroatt: Former British rugby league player
  • Keith Seagroatt: Former English cricketer
  • Henry Seagroatt: Retired British Army Officer
  • Joe Seagroatt: Retired professional footballer
  • Stewart Seagroatt: British policymaker
  • John Seagroatt: Former England international rugby league player

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