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Surname Sharp - Meaning and Origin

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Connecting Threads: The iGENEA DNA Test and Its Impact on Personal Identity and the 'Sharp' Surname Heritage

Embarking on the iGENEA DNA test journey has profoundly altered my comprehension of my personal identity and my relationship with my lineage, fundamentally deepening the significance of my "Sharp" surname. The test unveiled relationships that extended beyond family tales and history books, offering a tangible connection through my genetic line to my deepest roots.

R. Sharp

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Sharp: What does the surname Sharp mean?

Sharp is a surname of English and Scottish origin. It is derived from the Old English word "scearp" or the Old Norse word "skarpr", both meaning "sharp" or "quick". The surname was often given as a nickname to someone who was quick-witted, sharp-minded, or had sharp features. In some cases, it could also refer to a person who lived by a sharp hill, a sharp bend, or a projecting piece of land. The name also has occupational origins, wherein it was used to refer to someone who made or used sharp tools or instruments. Additionally, it was a name given to individuals residing in a corner of a big settlement, indicating topographic origins. It has many spelling variations like Sharpe, Scharpe, Sharpp, etc. The surname Sharp reflects not just the personal attributes or geographical location of the individual, but also probably his craft or trade. So, this surname carries a history that provides a glimpse into the life and occupation of someone's ancestral past.

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Sharp: Where does the name Sharp come from?

The last name Sharp is most commonly found originating in England, Scotland, and Ireland. It is derived from Middle English and Old English references for someone who was "sharpe," meaning shrewd or bright. Sharp is generally a surname, but can also have the spelling Sharpe.

Sharp is the 74th-most common last name in England, and 34th-most common in Ireland. In the United Kingdom it is more commonly found in the North and Midlands regions. The name is very widespread in Scotland, with the area of Aberdeenshire having the most density of people with the name.

The United States is another widely recognized area where the surname is popular. Sharp residents were mainly of English, Irish, and Scottish descent, with the most concentration of the name in the Midwestern and Southern parts of the country.

In modern day, the surname Sharp is widespread in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the United States but can also be found in multiple other countries worldwide such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, and many more.

Variations of the surname Sharp

The surname Sharp has a variety of variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin.

The most common variant is Scharp, with a spelling variation of Scharpe. This surname is an occupational name for a worker who sharpened knives, swords, or other tools. It originates from Old English, pre 7th century, and is derived from the word “scearpe”, meaning “sharp” or “acute”.

Another variant of Sharp is Sharpe, with a spelling of Sharpee. This surname also originated in Old English and has the same occupational meaning of one who sharpens tools.

Sharply is another variant of the surname, which could have originated from the adjectival form of Sharp.

Other surnames of the same origin include Scheirp, Schirp, Scherpf, Schuerpf, Scarp, Scharf, Scharff, Scharph, Shairp, Sharpless, and Sharplin. These surnames could have been derived from the spelling variations of Sharp, such as Scharp, Scharpe, and Sharpe.

The surname Sharp itself has been found in Germany, France, and the Netherlands. Variants of the surname have been found primarily in Germany, but also in Belgium and Switzerland.

In conclusion, the surname Sharp has many variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. These names all have the same occupational meaning, and are found primarily in areas such as Germany, France, and the Netherlands.

Famous people with the name Sharp

  • Ruth Sharp, American screenwriter
  • Jonathan Sharp, British broadcaster
  • Isabelle Sharp, American actress
  • Sam Sharp, British footballer
  • Paul Sharp, English composer
  • Richard Sharp, British businessman
  • Dan Sharp, American golfer
  • Doug Sharp, Canadian musician
  • Chris Sharp, American wrestler
  • Jeffrey Sharp, American film producer
  • Steve Sharp, Australian wheelchair basketball player
  • Tony Sharp, British boxer
  • Mary Simpson Sharp, American painter
  • John Sharp, American politician
  • Andrew Sharp, Logistics specialist
  • Ashley Sharp, Canadian television presenter
  • George Sharp, English film director
  • Matthew Sharp, English singer-songwriter
  • Peter Sharp, New Zealand rugby league player
  • Hunter Sharp, American football player

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