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Surname Sharwood - Meaning and Origin

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Sharwood: What does the surname Sharwood mean?

The last name Sharwood is a patronymic or toponymic surname of English origin. It is derived from the Old English elements "scear," meaning "grove or wood," and "wudu," meaning "wood." This combination of elements is a common West Midlands topographical element and suggests that the name originated in a location surrounded by or near woods.

The Sharwoods are thought to have descended from an Anglo-Saxon tribe. This tribe may have been based in the eastern coastal region of England during the 6th century. During the Norman Conquest, the Sharwoods moved westward to the counties of Dorset, Somerset, Devon, and Cornwall. From here, they spread out further into the surrounding counties.

The Sharwoods were generally landowners and flourished in this field for many centuries. During the medieval era, the Sharwoods were well-known farmers and landowners. They also served as policemen and held other respected positions in society.

The Sharwood family name can be found in many parts of England today, most notably in the counties of Somerset, Devon, Wiltshire, Suffolk, and Gloucestershire. The surname is still popular today, and there are many notable members of the Sharwood family, such as the musician John Sharwood and the English journalist and author Henry Sharwood. Today, the Sharwood family name continues to carry a mark of distinction and status.

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Sharwood: Where does the name Sharwood come from?

The last name Sharwood is not especially common today, but it can be found in many countries including the United States, England, Canada, and Australia. It is believed to be English in origin, with some records suggesting the name might be derived from the Old English word 'scearawod' which means wild forest.

Sharwood is a surname that is most often heard in traditional English counties such as Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Buckinghamshire, and Hampshire. In England, the name appears as early as 1275 in Wiltshire and 1327 in Gloucestershire.

In the United States, people with the last name Sharwood are concentrated in two states in particular - Indiana and Florida. Given the size of the U.S., this is not a particularly common name across the country.

The name is found, albeit in fewer numbers, in Canada and Australia as well. In Australia, people with the last name Sharwood can primarily be found in the states of New South Wales and Victoria.

It is difficult to estimate the total population of people with the surname Sharwood worldwide, as there is no clear-cut geographical pattern to the name's distribution. Despite its relative obscurity, the name nonetheless holds a certain charm - after all, what could be better than a wild, woodsy ancestor, especially in a modern world?

Variations of the surname Sharwood

Sharwood is an Old English surname primarily found in counties in England like East Sussex and Kent. It is thought to have been derived from a location, such as a wood, a field, or a dwelling, that had Shar as its prefix.

Variants of the surname Sharwood include Sharwoode, Sharwoodes, Shearwood, Sharrwood, Shardwood, Shearwoods, and Sherawoode. Some other common spellings of Sharwood include Sharwode, Sharwoode, Sharwoodes, Sherwood, Sharwoods, Sharowoode, and Sharrowood.

There are a few notable surnames that share a common origin with Sharwood. These include: Sherdown, Sherenden, Sheerin, Shirran, Sharron, Shorrock, Sharland, Shearman, and Shearlock.

Sharwood is also a common name among many of the Indian diaspora, particularly in Western countries such as the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. There it has undergone a variety of spelling changes, including Shurwood and Sharewood.

In many cases, those with the Sharwood surname are related to each other. The proof of such a connection is established through the use of genealogical records and document searches. By tracing family trees and analyzing historical data, relatives of people with the Sharwood surname can be identified.

Famous people with the name Sharwood

  • Andrew Sharwood: Australian string instrumentalist
  • Andrew Sharwood-Smith: British actor
  • Debbie Sharwood: British television presenter
  • Jonathan Sharwood: Canadian actor
  • Jason Sharwood: American singer songwriter
  • Michael Sharwood: British field hockey player
  • Simon Sharwood: Australian journalist
  • Tony Sharwood: British filmmaker
  • Terry Sharwood: British actor
  • Mary Lou Sharwood: Canadian artist and educator

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