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Surname Shew - Meaning and Origin

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Shew: What does the surname Shew mean?

The surname Shew is of Anglo-Saxon origin and was used to denote the profession or trade of someone. It primarily derived from the Middle English term "schewen," or Old English "sceawian," meaning "to show." It was generally assigned to a town crier, a steward, or an overseer, whose job was to announce or 'show' proclamations and orders of the local Lord or who held a responsible position in a household. Throughout centuries, the name may have undergone many spelling variations, including Shew, Show, Schewe, Shewe, among others. It is found in several countries including the United States, Canada, and England, reflecting the migration patterns of those who originally held the name. Like many surnames, it may not always have a consistent meaning or origin due to changes over time and differing regional influences. It is also necessary to consider that the surname could indicate different origins or meanings in different cultures and languages.

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Shew: Where does the name Shew come from?

The last name Shew is common today primarily in the United States, but also in other English-speaking countries.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the Shew surname is most widespread in the southeastern states of Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Mississippi. It is also commonly found in parts of the Midwest, particularly Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan.

In recent years, Shew family members have migrated to other parts of the country, including California, Washington, New York, and New England. Shew is more sparsely represented in other regions, but the surname does appear in small numbers in states like Colorado, Arizona, and Texas.

In the United Kingdom, the last name Shew is primarily associated with England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The number of Shews in Scotland is relatively small. Canada is also home to a few Shews, mostly in the province of Ontario.

Australia and New Zealand have had significant British migrations in past centuries, and the Shew surname is present in small concentrations in those countries as well.

In summary, the Shew surname is most commonly found in the United States southeast, Midwest, and parts of the West, but appears across English-speaking regions of the world.

Variations of the surname Shew

The surname Shew is an English name derived from the Old English word “sceawian” meaning “careful observation” or “inspection”.

The surname has numerous variants and spellings. Common variations of the name Shew include Shew, Show, Sheaw, Shawe, Sheau, Schaw, Schowe, and Scho.

The surname Shew is found throughout the British Isles and into North America, Australia, and New Zealand. In Scotland the surname's spelling is often erroneously reported as Shaw, and in England and America as Show.

Other surnames that are related to the Shew name because of their shared origin include Schewe, Schawe, Schouwe, Sheah, Sheen, Sheaw, Shoe, Show, Shue, Shute, Showe and Shaw.

In Ireland the closely related cognate is derived from Ó Seaóid (Seward) or MacSeoighe (MacShue or MacShay), which is sometimes seen in its anglicized form as McKay. In Wales the variant Shew is sometimes anglicized as Shaw.

The Shew surname is also found in Scandinavian countries, such as Sweden, Denmark, and Finland, where its variant forms include Schewe, Schewekvist, Schuur, Skow, and Skou.

In other European countries such as Germany, The Netherlands, and Hungary, there are variants with the form Schouw or Schuur. In the Netherlands it is frequently spelled Schuurman.

The Shew surname is sometimes found as Schau in German. In Jewish culture it appears as Ščav. In Portugal and Brazil, the surname is spelled Xo or Xou.

Famous people with the name Shew

  • Cheyenne Shew: Singer/songwriter who has collaborated with a number of other musical artists
  • Garry Shew: American retired Major League Baseball player
  • Abraham Shew: Canadian artist and sculptor
  • Jane Shew: American professional bodybuilder
  • John Shew: Professional statistician who has over 20 years of professional experience
  • Joseph Shew: Professional golfer, played on the PGA Tour between 1908-1924
  • William Shew: American professional golfer, won multiple open tournaments
  • Elmer Shew: American photographer from the Midwest, known for his portraits and wildlife photography
  • Grace Shew: American novelist, short story writer, and poet.
  • Stanley Shew: American composer, conductor, and music educator

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