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Surname Skrapic - Meaning and Origin

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Skrapic: What does the surname Skrapic mean?

The surname Skrapic does not have a readily available meaning as it's likely specific to certain cultures or regions and their languages. Such surnames could possibly be derived from occupations, geographical locations, or even ancestral names in those cultures. As with many surnames, understanding their meanings can often require specific knowledge of language and historical contexts. In general, Slavic surnames ending in "ic" or "ich" often denote patronymic roots, which means "son of" or "descendant of" a given name. However, without concrete evidence, it is challenging to define what 'Skrapic' specifically means. It's recommended to undertake genealogical research or a heritage DNA test for more personalized information about the precise origin and meaning of the surname Skrapic.

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Skrapic: Where does the name Skrapic come from?

The last name Skrapic is typically associated with Croatia and the region of Dalmatia, located on the eastern Adriatic Sea coast. Although it is believed to have originally been derived from the occupational surname for a shoemaker, the last name is quite common today throughout Croatia and the greater continent of Europe.

The name is most prevalent in Croatia, especially in the coastal cities such as Split and Dubrovnik where there is a notable concentration of Skrapic surnames. Most of the historical records of those bearing the surname date back to the late 18th century, when Croatia was heavily influenced by the Austro-Hungarian empire. In addition, the Skrapic name has a presence in countries throughout Europe, from Serbia to the United Kingdom, and as far away as the United States.

The Skrapic name is not exclusive to Croatia, however, and can be found throughout the world. In the United States, there are a few cities where the name is more frequent, such as Omaha, Nebraska and Burlington, Iowa. In the UK, there are also several notable concentrations, mostly located in the south-east.

Overall, the Skrapic name has a presence throughout the world, but is strongly associated with Croatia and the coastal region of Dalmatia. With its rich history and strong ties to Europe, the Skrapic surname is sure to continue to be a common and beloved name well into the future.

Variations of the surname Skrapic

Skrapic is a rare Slovenian surname originating from the Slovenian word skrapa meaning ‘scrap’. The most common variants of this surname include Skrapic, Skrapsic, Skrepic, and sometimes Skrepsic. Skrapic is also sometimes spelled as Scrapic, Scrapsic, Screpic, and even Skrepsic, but these versions are rarely seen.

Variations on the original spelling may also be found in other Slavic languages. For example, in Croatian the version is Skrapic or Skrapsic. In Serbia the spellings could be Skrapic, Skrapsic, Skrepsic, or even Skrepic. In Slovak, the equivalent spellings are Skrapic, Skrapsic and Skrepsic.

Surnames of a similar origin to Skrapic can also be found in Slovakia, such as Skrajič and Skrajník. In Austria, another surname is Skrappans. In Poland, a variation of the surname is pronounced Skrapski, and is sometimes written as Skraśki or Skrapski. Similarly, in Ukraine the surname is known as Skrapka, Skrapska or Skrepska.

Other surnames of similar origin to Skrapic can be found in regions such as Hungary (Skrapy), Czech Republic (Skraba), and Russia (Skrabov and Skrapov).

In summary, although all of these surnames have the same origin as Skrapic, they can have varied spelling and pronunciation. However, the most common form of this surname remains Skrapic.

Famous people with the name Skrapic

  • Ivan Skrapic: Croatian professional footballer who has played as a midfielder and defender.
  • Peter Skrapic Sr.: Slovenian American woodcarver and sculptor who contributed to the “Naples-on-the-Gulf” culture.
  • Gonzalo Skrapic: Chilean footballer who plays as a goalkeeper.
  • Mate Skrapic: Croatian composer and arranger of music for films, games and television.
  • Siniša Skrapic: Croatian prizewinning shooter who won three gold medals in the 2008 Summer Olympics.
  • Lori Skrapic: American former professional basketball player, coach and author.
  • Stanislav Skrapic: Slovenian film director, scriptwriter, editor and lecturer.
  • Petra Skrapic: Croatian former table tennis player who won two World Championships in 2008 and 2012.
  • Janja Skrapic: Slovenian film editor who has worked on numerous feature films.
  • Zoran Skrapic: Serbian rower and member of the Yugoslavian national team.

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