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Surname Skrapits - Meaning and Origin

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Skrapits: What does the surname Skrapits mean?

The surname Skrapits is of Hungarian origin. The exact meaning of this surname is not definitively known. Like many Eastern European surnames, it could potentially be related to a geographical location, profession, or personal characteristic of a family's ancestor. It doesn't seem to have a direct translation in modern Hungarian language. In genealogy, the name Skrapits has been associated with individuals or families from Hungary or regions in Central and Eastern Europe. The variations in spelling of the surname may have included different versions due to immigration and various regional dialects over time. As with all surnames, each family line with the name Skrapits may have its unique history and origin.

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Skrapits: Where does the name Skrapits come from?

The last name Skrapits is believed to have come from a Slavic language, specifically from the old Slovenian term "skrabic," which means "scratcher" or "scraper." This name is primarily found in Central Europe, in countries such as Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, and Hungary. Many records of the Skrapits family in Slovenia date back to the 1600s.

Today, the Skrapits surname is most commonly found in Slovenia, followed by Croatia. In both countries, Skrapits is listed among the top 50 most common surnames. Records also suggest that family members who emigrated have taken the surname to other parts of the world such as the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand.

In the United States, the Skrapits surname is most common in New York, California, and Illinois. This is likely due to the immigration of Eastern European peoples in the late 19th century.

For those who wish to explore their ancestry, records of the Skrapits family can be found in the Slovenian National Registry and in the All-Slovenia Names Database. In addition, records may also be found in Hungary’s National Name Database (Nemzetiségi Nyilvántartás).

Variations of the surname Skrapits

The surname Skrapits is of Slovak origin and is an etymological variant of Skrapic. Other variations of the surname include: Skrapic, Skrapiz, Skrappich, Skrappicz and Skraplt.

The surname Skrapits is usually derived from the word “skraplvať” which is of Slavic origin and means “to scrape.” It indicates somebody whose ancestors were engaged in the craft of scraping and is also sometimes associated with the Old Church Slavonic word “skrapliv” which means “rafter” simply indicating carpentry as an occupation.

The various spellings of the surname Skrapits are found all over the world. In the Czech and Slovak Republics they are spelled as Skrapic and in Austria and Hungary, it is spelled as Skrapiz. In the United States, it is usually spelled as Skrappich, Skrappicz and Skraplt.

Departing from the general use of the existing variant: Skrapits, there is much deviation in the spelling of the surname. Within the United States, there exists various alternate spelling to the name including Skrappich, Skrappictz, Skraplt and Skrapiz. On rare occasions, the spelling of Skrapits has been confused with the Greek surname “Skrapits” as well, adding to its international confusion.

The many variants of the surname Skrapits have together formed a family of globally related persons. Its language erosion due to the passage of time throughout the centuries far back has possibly formed the many variant spellings seen today. Nevertheless, its Slovak and Slavic origin is still evident in many countries and regions showing how the term has evolved and spread throughout the world.

Famous people with the name Skrapits

  • Jim Skrapits, professional soccer player
  • Michael Skrapits, retired basketball player
  • Amber Skrapits, award-winning country music singer
  • Shannon Skrapits, Olympic snowboarder
  • Travis Skrapits, nationally acclaimed hairdresser and salon owner
  • Festus Skrapits, award-winning abstract sculptor
  • Sam Skrapits, Hollywood director
  • Jane Skrapits, bestselling writer
  • Joe Skrapits, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist
  • Bobby Skrapits, celebrated architect

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