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Surname Snow - Meaning and Origin

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A Journey into Ancestry with iGENEA DNA Test: Illuminating Personal Identity through the Surname Snow

Taking an iGENEA DNA test helped me delve into the historical relevance and personal significance of my surname, "Snow." The test's findings not only presented an ancestry filled with resilient forebears but deepened my connection with my roots and reshaped my perceptions of personal identity and heritage - all tied together with a more meaningful, richer understanding of my surname.

C. Snow

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Snow: What does the surname Snow mean?

The surname Snow is of Anglo-Saxon origin, and is often associated with regions characterized by colder climates. The name was historically used during the Middle Ages as a nickname for someone with very light hair or a pale complexion, from the Old English word "snaw" which means snow. It is also considered topographic, given to someone who lived in an area that had particularly snowy conditions, such as highland regions or the far North. The first recorded spelling of the family name is from the 12th century in Lincolnshire, England. Names of this nature were often derived from a variety of sources including local landscape features, animals, and occupations. Thus, the Snow surname provides a glimpse into the geographic or personal characteristics of its initial bearers.

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Snow: Where does the name Snow come from?

The last name Snow is a very common English-language surname. It can be found across much of Europe and North America today. The name is derived from the Old English word “snāw” which means snow, and it likely originated as a nickname, given to someone with either a pale complexion, white hair, or both.

In the United States, Snow is the 310th most common surname according to the 1990 census. Within the US, the states with the highest population of Snow’s are Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, New Jersey, and New Hampshire. In the UK, Snow is the 327th most common last name, with concentrations mainly in the Southern and Eastern counties.

In Canada, Snow is the 238th most common name and it is particularly prevalent in Ontario, British Columbia, and Nova Scotia. Canada also boasts a large population of occupants of French-Canadian descent with the last name Snow.

In Australia, Snow is the 368th most common last name, and is mainly concentrated in the states of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and the Australian Capital Territory.

Overall, the last name Snow is a common name to be found across the English-speaking world. It has persisted since the medieval times and is still held in many different countries, continents, and even cultures.

Variations of the surname Snow

The surname Snow is of English and American origin. It is derived from the Old English word “snao”, which means snow. This surname can also have regional spelling variants including Snoe, Sneo and Snoe. In some cases it is also transcribed as “Sno” and “Snye”. This surname can also be found as a variant spelling for Snowe.

The variations found in spelling and pronunciation of the surname Snow are due to a lack of standardised spelling conventions during the late-medieval times in England. This is when surnames first came into common usage and each individual family had a unique way of recording their name.

In some cases, the spelling of a surname has evolved over time, for example the surname Snow can also be found as Snodgrass or Sneddon. This is likely to have come about due to the accidental alteration of the original spelling by a churches scribe or government official creating or recording a birth certificate.

Other surnames that have evolved from the original Snow include Snoden, Snowdon, Snowling and Snowman.

As well as the Americanised version of Snow, there are versions found in other countries including Sno, Snoe, Snae, Sné and Sney. The French version of the surname is Neige or Neigeux and in Welsh it is known as Eira.

In addition to these, the Polish version of Snow is Snieg, while the Dutch version is Schnee. Its Scandinavian equivalents are, for Danish, Sne and for Swedish Snö. In German Snow is known as Schnee.

Famous people with the name Snow

  • Jon Snow: the main character of the popular HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones.
  • Doug Snow: former American-Canadian basketball coach.
  • Todrick Hall: youtube influencer/singer/actor.
  • Shelley Snow: Canadian Paralympic athlete.
  • Chris Snow: American rock climber and adventure guide.
  • Jane Snow: American author and journalist.
  • Perry Snow: former baseball player.
  • Kim Snow: former British Olympic swimmer.
  • William Snow: English actor.
  • Stephen Snow: English footballer.
  • Darius Snow: American actor.
  • Eddie Snow: American basketball player.
  • Adam Christopher Snow: English screenwriter and actor.
  • John Snow: English physician and early pioneer in epidemiology.
  • Katie Snow: British actor.
  • Cydney Snow: American model, dancer and actress.
  • Lonnie Snow: former American football player.
  • Louise Snow: Canadian politician.
  • Jessika Snow: American fashion and beauty blogger.
  • Kerry Snow: Australian Olympic swimmer.

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