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Surname Snodgers - Meaning and Origin

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Snodgers: What does the surname Snodgers mean?

The surname Snodgers is of English origin and is thought to be derived from the Old English name 'Snottor', meaning either 'sudden' or 'fast', or else from 'snotor', meaning 'wise'. It is also thought to be an Anglicised form of the Gaelic surname 'Mac Snodgrass', meaning the 'son of the wise man'.

Snodgers is an occupational name, most likely given to a person who was a 'snow-gatherer', someone who collected snow during the winter months to be used as a cooking and cleaning ingredient or refrigerant, or a 'snodder', an archaic word meaning 'one who snouts' or 'cleans cinders from ash heaps' or a charcoal burner.

Snodgers may also be a nickname of the same root as the Scottish name 'Sneddon', meaning 'the short one', or the English name 'Snape' which was a district of Yorkshire.

Finally, Snodgers may have been used as a topographical name for a person who lived near a 'snod', an old word for a cutting or ditch, or perhaps a person who made a living by 'snodding', an activity which involved gathering rushes to be used for making baskets or mats.

Whatever its origin, the name Snodgers carries its own unique and interesting history, and is certainly a name with strong historical roots.

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Snodgers: Where does the name Snodgers come from?

The last name Snodgers is not particularly widespread today and doesn't have a particularly geographical pattern to it's distribution. In 2019 only seven people in the United States and three in the United Kingdom had the surname.

Originating in England, records of people with the last name Snodgers date back to the 1800s. The 1881 census records of England and Wales show that at this time it was a mainly North West England name, concentrated in West Lancashire and North Merseyside. However the presence of the name is much more scattered today.

The Snodgers name can still be found mainly in the United Kingdom and the United States but also increasingly scattered more widely throughout the Western world. In 2019 the United States accounted for seven people with the name, Australia had one, and France had one.

In order to trace family history of those with the last name Snodgers records can be taken from the censuses of England and Wales which include the relative locations of family members throughout history and provide an interesting insight into the name's history.

Overall, the last name Snodgers is not particularly common today and is scattered throughout the world. Its origin and history however can be tracked in censuses of England and Wales which could provide an interesting insight to those researching their family.

Variations of the surname Snodgers

The surname Snodgers is derived from the Middle English word 'snod', which means 'to cut or trim'. This word is also linked to Old English 'snody', which is the same term. It is likely that the surname Snodgers derives from an occupation where cutting or trimming was involved.

Variants of the surname Snodgers include: Snodden, Snoddin, Snodder, Sniddall, Snoddall, Snider, Snitchel, Snitt, Snitell, Snith, and Snitter.

There are other surnames which have the same etymological origin. For example, the surnames Schneider and Snell can both be said to have the same origin as Snodgers. Schneider was a common occupational surname, given to people who worked as tailors or cobblers and had to 'cut' or 'trim' fabric and leather. It is also a derivative of the Greek word 'skhedios' which means 'to cut'. The surname Snell can be traced back to a given name which was derived from the Middle English word 'snel' meaning 'quick', but it is also linked to the Old English 'snæl' which means 'cut'.

Variations in spelling can also be seen in some of the surnames which are believed to have the same origin as Snodgers. Snodden, Snoddin, Snoddall and Sniddle are all variations of the same name. The same is true for Schneider and Snell, which have the same etymological origins but different spellings.

Overall, Snodgers is an old occupational surname with a Middle English origin. Whilst some of the surnames derived from it have different spellings, they have the same etymological origin.

Famous people with the name Snodgers

  • Oliver Snodgrass: English professional footballer currently playing for Sheffield United.
  • Andrew Snodgrass: professional musician, composer, producer, and singer known for his repertoire of Jazz, Country, Pop, Latin, and Blues.
  • Emmalee Snodgress: actress, model, and pro MMA fighter.
  • Robert Snodgers: British politician and writer, active in the House of Commons in the late 19th century.
  • Dorothy Snodgrass: American poet, novelist, and essayist who published fourteen books throughout her life.
  • Len Snodgrass: American voice actor and comedian who is known for voicing characters in various animated films and television series.
  • Doris Snodgrass: British tennis player, active in the 1950s and 60s who reached the third round of the Women's Doubles Championship at Wimbledon in 1964.
  • Gladys Snodgers: Canadian actress who starred in several silent films from 1914 to 1926.
  • David Snodgers: Australian guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter who released his solo debut solo album in 2014.
  • Duncan Snodgers: English rugby coach, active in the 1990s and early 2000s who worked at clubs including Saracens and London Irish.

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