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Surname Stant - Meaning and Origin

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Stant: What does the surname Stant mean?

The surname Stant is derived from an Old English personal name, and is thought to mean “someone who lived near a stone or stony field.” It is believed to be related to the old North English word ‘stane’, which meant ‘stone’.

The surname Stant is most often found in England and Scotland, as it began to spread when people started to emigrate to the British Isles during the 17th and 18th centuries. Today, Stant can be found spread across the world, mostly carried by descendants of those original settlers.

While the name is not particularly common, there are some notable people who bear the surname such as football player and head coach William Stant, or the Olympic canoeist Christopher Stant.

The name Stant typically comes with an aura of strength and reliability; these are people who can usually be depended on in times of need and are loyal to the ideals they hold. Those with the surname tend to be highly independent-minded and may be perceived as being a bit headstrong—qualities which can often land them in trouble at times.

However, those with the surname are often generous, kind-hearted, and have a great sense of duty. Those who bear the surname should make use of their strong personalities and natural resilience to live life to the fullest.

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Stant: Where does the name Stant come from?

The last name Stant is most common today in the United States and United Kingdom.

In the United States, the name Stant is mainly located in the Southern states such as Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama. These states have large populations of people with English ancestry, where the Stant name has been more commonly found.

In the United Kingdom, Stant is more common in the Yorkshire, Lancashire and Durham counties of England. Again, the name appears in more people with English roots. It has also been common in certain parts of Wales and Scotland as well.

The name Stant is of English origin and originally referred to someone from the town Stone, in Staffordshire, England. It is also encountered as a variant of the name Stanton, which is derived from the old English word stan meaning "stone". Over time, the Stant name became more widespread in other regions of the British Isles.

The name could also have arrived to the United States through immigration in the 17th and 18th centuries, particularly to the Southern states by English settlers. The Stant name has spread beyond its initial English roots over time and today is found all over the world.

Variations of the surname Stant

The surname Stant is a patronymic of the given name Stanton, which comes from the Old English stan, meaning “stone” or “stony" together with tun (“enclosure” or “settlement”). It is an English name of ancient origin.

Variants of the surname Stant include Staunton, Staunten, Staant, Staent, Stenston and Stent. It is also spelled Staunt and Stainton.

Some surnames of the same origin, although spelled differently, include Stanway, Standley, Standen, Stanfield, Standish, Stanifer and Stanwood.

As with many English surnames, over time pronunciation and spelling have evolved, leading to the various spellings and surnames of the same origin. For example, Stent and Stainton were probably originally Stentone, which combined the stan element with the Old English word tun land.

Some Stants with non-English roots are the German surname Stantzel and the Spanish surname Santon.

In Ireland, Stans are mainly found in county Cork, where they were among the ‘Tribes of Galway’. The name is most likely of English origin, as the 12th century Normans arrived in Ireland during the Angevin period. In Germany, Stants are most common in Baden-Wurttemberg where it is believed the name may have come from Switzerland.

The 1881 census of England and Wales recorded just under 2500 individuals with the surname Stant, mostly located in Lancashire.

Famous people with the name Stant

  • Aaron Staniszewski (television presenter/writer)
  • Ann Staniszewski (author of "My Zombie Boyfriend")
  • Anselm Staniszewski (British courtier)
  • Ben Staniszewski (American professional baseball pitcher)
  • David Staniszewski (Polish painter and sculptor)
  • Dylan Staniszewski (American football tight end)
  • Elise Staniszewski (American watercolorist and author)
  • Jeannette Staniszewski (American physicist)
  • Jennifer Staniszewski (American professional soccer goalkeeper)
  • John Staniszewski (American football player)
  • Kama Staniszewski (Slovenian slalom canoeist)
  • Lawrence Staniszewski (American football coach)
  • Marie Staniszewski (American actress)
  • Mary Staniszewski (British chemist)
  • Ned Staniszewski (American football player)
  • Paul Staniszewski (Polish basketball player)
  • Robert Staniszewski (Polish archer and coach)
  • Ryan Staniszewski (American track and field sprinter)
  • Seb Staniszewski (British cricketer)
  • Ulrike Staniszewski (German operatic soprano)

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